These are now more clearly displayed

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Additionally to this, the speed-rocker feature that was introduced in NBA 2K22 MT the new generation console just in the first episode has also been retained, as long as the rocker is moved quickly so that a more rapid dribbling move can be achieved. There are almost 50 fancy dribble combos to pick among in the video game.

The players can trigger these speedy combos of dribbles by pressing and acceleration while pulling up the right stick, which allows the player to swiftly escape the defense player. The player can then develop fancy dribbles that are pleasing to the eyes!

For the Gameplay screen, you can clearly compare the new 2K22 on the stadium lighting effects, floor lighting as well as the performance of players and fans, and the pizazz of players' faces, scars, beards and tattoos will make breakthroughs.

Furthermore, a variety of new features have been added to the warm-up and player introduction before the opening wave, for example, the approach animation along with player interaction. Highlight clips, singing of the national the anthem, etc. These are now more clearly displayed.

And it is easier to spot during the game. It is the photographers or fans in how to get MT in NBA 2K22 the first row that fell into the ground due to of the possibility that they fade away and disappear in order to stop the wave. The interplay between the two sides area of the field has been further improved.