Ways To Boost Employee Productivity

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It is not a secret that employees are the secret to a company’s success. They are the main reason an organization keeps on heading toward the best. And that is the reason why almost all leaders look forward to promote their productivity!

Nonetheless, your employees' productivity is determined by their happiness and engagement. The more they are comfortable and happy at work, the more are the chances that their work will outshine the rest—and will result in your company's or team’s overall success. 


But what is the secret to greater productivity? Is it some sort of magic? Well, probability not. According to Mauro van de Looij, sports and performance psychologist, author, teacher, entrepreneur, and author of The coach makes the difference, every skill needs time, effort, and some essential practices or principles to prosper, and the same goes for employee productivity. He further emphasized the same and jotted down various effective leadership and coaching techniques, which will help anyone to strengthen their skills and productivity. You can read his book to gain more knowledge and better productivity.


Still, by any chance, if you are unable to comprehend the same after reading The coach makes the difference, you can take assistance by implementing the below ways—to boost employee productivity:


Never be afraid to delegate: Prioritizing quality outcomes is what drives a company's success. However, doing the heavy lifting yourself rather than trusting can be a colossal waste of time. You could have used that time wisely to look into potential new business ventures. Therefore, always feel free to delegate responsibilities to employees and believe they will complete the tasks as needed. Doing so will allow your employees to gain new skills and leadership experience that will benefit your company in the long run. You hired them for a reason; now let them prove you right.


Training and development: Knowing when your employees need training and development is critical. There can be many ways to improve and scale your employee's skills, such as:


  • Individual mentoring by the management or enrolling them in a coaching session from a consulting agency such as Bauer Van de Looij coaching agency.
  • Workshops to learn and gain knowledge about a specific subject
  • Diversify courses to strengthen their soft skills
  • Seminars and Webinars for strong collaboration and communication skills
  • Mentoring for better productivity
  • Tuition reimbursement for persuading a higher education or a degree

By allowing your employees these benefits, you can provide them with the confidence they need to do their jobs, and your time will be well-spent later on answering simple questions or correcting mistakes. In the end, doing so will also result in a competitive workforce.


Communicate apparently: Communication is essential in both personal and professional life. Businesses fail, and relationships end when there is no clear communication. Managers who can communicate their expectations and responsibilities will benefit from a productive and engaged workforce. Clear communication with your team can help you increase productivity and performance. According to a CRM Learning study, 80 percent of workplace conversations revolve around past problems, including assigning blame and criticizing others. Furthermore, 15% is spent on what is happening now, while only 5% is on developing solutions and strategies. Therefore, instead of dwelling on issues that will not lead to anything good, you should concentrate on things that can be managed and improvised in order to be more productive.