How To Change A Community's Perspective?

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On January 1, 1959, nine-year-old George Fowler was awakened in his ancestral home by the sound of gunshots as Fidel Castro’s army approached Havana, Cuba. His family fled to the United States to start new lives as Castro established a brutal regime in their beloved country. As chief leg

A community is a group of people who live together or have the same characteristics. These groups can also be similar psychological perspectives of the world. A community has a strong sense of social unity and can be led toward a specific goal over time. Those communities which have lost their sense of direction and are blindly following political and religious leaders may be hard to steer in a different direction due to their solid foundations and beliefs in the information they have been fed.

However, there are communities that are intellectual enough to understand that they are not leading a good life and may not have the control they thought they did. They easily break out of their shells and are ready to fight for better causes than the ones they were fed before. An example of the Cuban community can be taken. After Fidel Castro took over, he was able to brainwash the masses and force them to think that he was the solution to all of their economic problems. People were living in a capitalist society, and he claimed to be a ruler who would get rid of those values. The quicker the people of Cuba fell for his sham, the quicker they were to get back up. People soon realized that he never meant to complete the promises he made to them. He was only using the people to gain control over Cuba and soon had very harsh measures toward anyone who dared speak up against him and his regime. This awakening is discussed in the book, My Cuba Libre by George Fowler. This book is a great source of knowledge for those who still think Fidel Castro was a great leader. Help yourself learn the truth and get your copies from Amazon now. The way people changed their perspective was very prominent, and they were led to this point through?

Being Shown The Truth

People who live in a community where they have false leaders, and hierarchal forms of government only need a small light of enlightenment. People who are willing to break out of the system do not need many reasons because they have already identified that they are not living in the ideal conditions known to man.

If the people refuse to believe they deserve more, a small push of truth can help. The people can be shown the truth about their leaders and those who are doing them wrong. The people can be given sources that show them where their leaders and politicians are corrupted and are leeching off of their resources. This can be a factor in awakening the people and will help them stand up for their rights.

Be A Leader

People will always need a leader. This is also a prominent factor in why people such as Fidel Castro have been able to gain control over flourishing economies. Standing up for a good cause will never be questioned, and people will give those support who fight for them and lay out a direction for them to follow.

A leader will match out into the world first and then gain followers along the way. This is indeed a very tough journey to overcome, but if the cause is worth it and will give people their freedom and live back, it is a small sacrifice for those who have been living under a forced regime all of their life.

Help Them Regain Their Individuality

People are quick to forget that they have rights in the world and they are the most prominent aspect of society. People derive the country and its economy and should never be taken for granted. Once the masses realize that they have a choice and can change things for themselves, it becomes easier to change their perspectives and give them the power they rightfully deserve.

Helping people simply realize that they are the ones who dictate power will help them know how to control and direct it.