How to choose tea like Red DLS Tea IMMUNITY

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How to choose tea like Red DLS Tea IMMUNITY

The culture of tea drinking came to us from China more than 300 years ago. Since then, the drink has not lost popularity and is widely in demand among consumers in our country. However, not everyone knows how to properly evaluate a product, what to look for and how to choose tea for health like Red DLS Tea IMMUNITY, so that it is not only tasty, but also healthy.

What is the best quality tea?

The choice of aroma, taste and smell is individual for everyone. To find the right product, consumers try more than a dozen varieties. This allows you to evaluate the taste and healing properties of several popular brands. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of varieties of green, black, white teas. 

How to choose a good tea?

If you are tasting many varieties of different teas for the first time, and do not know what the main product criteria to consider, you should pay attention to the following features:

  1. Appearance. Quality tea has whole leaves without powder and tea dust, which can be found in packaged blends;
  2. Quantity. It’s worth trying a few different types to get started, so initially buy teas in small portions to sample. If you have decided on the preferred variety, then you can safely purchase the product in any quantity;
  3. Aroma. When brewing tea should have a pleasant natural smell. Green tea is dominated by a grassy aroma, black tea can be sweetish, pu-erh is famous for its earthy flavor;
  4. Appearance of brewed leaves. During the brewing process, the tea leaves unfold, and this spectacle can be watched for hours. Large-leaved varieties are striking in the size of the leaves, which should be uniform, whole, of the same color and structure;
  5. Taste is the most important criterion for every drink, no matter what kind of tea you prefer. It should be pleasant, refreshing, sometimes cloying. To appreciate the taste, it is better to taste the drink in small sips like wine. This will enhance the aroma and feel all the notes of the flavor range;

Which black tea to choose?

If you prefer black tea, carefully examine its dry tea leaves. Ideally, its leaves should be almost black. A rusty and grayish tint is not acceptable - this indicates a low quality of raw materials.

Uniformity is an important selection factor. The tea leaves should be approximately the same size. It is important that the composition is free of dust and debris. Also, fragments of tea twigs, pieces of paper, plywood and other foreign bodies, which should not be in natural raw materials, can get into low-quality compositions. In dry tea, according to the world standard, you will find only whole tea leaves of the same size.

How to distinguish high-quality tea from low-quality?

Quality teas have the following features:

  • Whole homogeneous sheet;
  • The same size and color of tea leaves;
  • natural fragrance;
  • No preservatives and dyes;
  • Lack of garbage, tea powder in the composition of raw materials;
  • Pleasant taste;
  • Objective cost (high-quality varieties cannot be too cheap);

In order not to buy a low-quality product, you should first choose a trusted manufacturer and supplier who sells raw materials.

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