How to help a drug addict

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In fact, he is unable to cope alone, since drug addiction is a much more serious threat than he thinks.

Therefore, you need to contact a good specialist at as soon as possible, who will be able to prescribe an individual and effective treatment. In addition, a drug addict needs the psychological support of relatives. Only complex treatment will bring a good result.

Relatives must adhere to the following rules:

  • The initial stage of treatment depends directly on the period of drug use. A person becomes addicted very quickly, so professional medical help is needed immediately.
  • From the very beginning, you need to convince the dependent person that he is sick and needs the help of specialists. It is very rare for close people to succeed, so it is better to immediately seek help from a psychologist. He can also provide home services, and if the addict makes contact and understands that he needs treatment, this is the first step towards recovery. After that, a narcologist should have a conversation with him, he can also be called to the house. The narcologist will monitor the treatment process and make recommendations.
  • Relatives themselves should study in detail all the symptoms of addiction in order to know how to behave correctly in various situations and not provoke a breakdown in the patient.

Typically, drug addiction treatment takes place in three stages:

  1. Detoxification;
  2. Recovery;
  3. Rehabilitation.

Detoxification is the first important step towards recovery. The body needs to be cleansed of toxins that appear after taking drugs. This phase uses several medications prescribed by a doctor to reduce drug cravings. In no case do not self-medicate, because only a narcologist can choose the right drugs and prescribe the right dosage.

If a drug addict has withdrawal symptoms, it is urgent to cleanse the body - this will save the person from unbearable pain and slightly reduce withdrawal symptoms. But only a qualified narcologist should do this. After long-term use of narcotic substances, the whole organism is weakened and takes some time to adapt again to work without drug recharge.

The length of this period depends on the duration of drug use. It takes a lot of patience to get through this stage. At this time, an addicted person needs help and understanding from loved ones, because the mental state at this moment is unstable. Also, the drug addict needs the help of a psychoanalyst.

But when the period has come when the addict can already do without the use of narcotic substances, the treatment cannot yet be considered finished. After all, one of the most important stages is social adaptation.

The final stage is the complete rejection of the past wrong way of life. Now a person needs to find himself in life. Nobody says it will be easy. During this period, loved ones should show their love and support to the former patient. Relatives must prove to him that he is a worthy person, just like everyone else.

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