How to choose a gas mask

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Emergencies most often occur suddenly, and grow rapidly.

​​​​​​​It is likely that you will also have to face the problem of air pollution with harmful, life-threatening substances. A gas mask can be of great help if it is chosen correctly and used in accordance with all the rules. Learn more at

Selection rules

When it became clear that the air could be poisoned, you should put the bag on your right shoulder through your neck (it should be on the left itself), with the valve facing you. Tighten the shoulder strap so that the top of the bag is at waist level. After unfastening the valve, take out the gas mask, wipe the glasses. By zipping the bag and hanging it on yourself so that it does not interfere with walking, you can go ahead. To apply the protective agent, the valve is unfastened, the headgear is removed. With their eyes closed and holding their breath, they release all unnecessary objects from their hands; holding the thicker edge at the bottom of the helmet-mask with the thumbs from the outside, apply this part to the chin. Then, with a sharp but gentle upward movement, the mask is pulled over the head, preventing the formation of wrinkles. Finally, the eyes open and begin to breathe.

In some cases, depending on the model of the gas mask, the algorithm may be different. But you should definitely work it out to automatism in a calm environment. The norm should be considered putting on a gas mask in less time than you can read the instructions for using it.

Important Aspects

Against gas , even if used correctly, it can be useless when the choice was wrong. The key here is to carefully fit your head. Equally important is the range of retained substances and the ability to renew the supply of cleaning cartridges. Most likely, when the X hour comes, it will not be possible to purchase foreign-made cassettes.

No less important is the question: should I choose a civilian or industrial gas mask? Apparently, civilians are better, since they are more common. Be sure to purchase the DPG-3 box, which provides protection against an increased number of threats and extends the life of the filter.