English and NAPLAN Tutoring

English and NAPLAN Tutoring. The most daunting of all assignments is the oral presentation.



English Tutoring

Oral presentations

The most daunting of all assignments is the oral presentation. Like it or not, orals are increasingly popular forms of assessment. There is nothing for the teacher to read and correct and it is finished in five or so minutes. Delivering a good oral presentation comes from training and the knowledge about how to tackle it. We will give you our 10 point plan to delivering oral presentations and show you the tricks to good public speaking. Remember in year 12 English, students may have to deliver a 10 minute oral and it is video-taped. There has never been a better time to start learning how.

Reading / Spelling / Comprehension

The traditional pillars of English form the basis of any long term tutoring program. If a student requires help with the basics, we can tailor a program to their needs. Our resources are vast and regular, detailed sessions, coupled with homework, can produce huge gains in a student very quickly. Face to face sessions work particularly well with this type of tutoring because errors can be corrected in real time.
All longer term clients begin with a diagnostic session to ascertain their ability levels in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Then a detailed program is written and the tutor and student work through the program systematically over a number of weeks. When certain levels are achieved the student can progress to more advanced work.

Text studies (novels, poems, plays etc)

Many students struggle with text studies because they just can’t relate to the material. The secondary curriculum is still based around traditional literature and therefore many novels and most poems and plays studied were written hundreds of years ago. The language is difficult to understand and the concepts foreign to today’s students. Don’t despair – we can help.

NAPLAN Tutoring

According to studydaddy.com students from across the country in government and non-government schools participate in NAPLAN tests in May of each year. Students in the same year level across Australia complete a writing task and are tested on items in Reading, Language Conventions (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Numeracy.

Tutors have a wide range of resources available to help students prepare for the NAPLAN tests. These include past test papers and practice questions. Many of schools do not spend enough time preparing students to sit these tests. In some cases, students have never done an exam before and may be nervous. Contact Tutoring in Brisbane for help with NAPLAN.

 The tests provide valuable diagnostic information about each student, and support the ability to focus teaching on areas of need. In addition, schools are judged on the results achieved by their students. The Government has released a website which ranks schools against other similar schools based on NAPLAN results.

More: https://studydaddy.com/homeworks-answers