ANSR | Northern Tool + Equipment Partners with ANSR To Open Next-Gen

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Gain knowledge on how GCC is transforming into ‘second headquarters’ as Lalit Ahuja, CEO of ANSR discuss with Suresh Krishna, NTE’s President, in the video

In the last decade, Global Capability Centers or GCCs have evolved from back-office operations into value-added, business-critical operations that drive global functions. In the post-pandemic world, GCCs are poised to grow and mature even more rapidly and emerge as strategic capability centers in support of enterprise growth and relevancy agenda.

Northern Tool + Equipment (NTE) recently joined hands with ANSR to open their next-generation global in-house center in Hyderabad. The NTE GCC is a pivotal platform for the company, considering they would not have been able to hire the talent required to drive their many strategic initiatives in the US. These include technology upgrade for a new digital platform to enhance customer experience, new products and innovation that would allow NTE to bring new products to market, enhancing the company’s ability for data analytics and reporting, and using AI to personalise marketing to a broader set of customers.