Registration of term paper in accordance with methodology in 2021: rules, sample, requirements

Registration of term paper in accordance with methodology in 2021: rules, sample, requirements


Registration of term paper in accordance with methodology in 2021: rules, sample, requirements

In coursework, the correct design is just as important as the content. In this article, writers from will help you understand the special methodology - with it you will independently issue the course and defend it perfectly.

General requirements for the design of term paper

Usually, the requirements for the design of the term paper determine that the entire text should be written in Times New Roman font, size 14 pt (methodology allows the use of 12 pt size). You need to align the text in width. The spacing between lines is single or one and a half, there are no spacing after and before paragraphs. The text color is black throughout the work. If you need to highlight some information, you can use the font of another typeface, recommends writers at service.

Margins: top and bottom - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1 cm.

Headings are typed in the same font. They are located in the center or with a paragraph indention, some universities require boldface printing, although the design of coursework in accordance with methodology 7.32-2001 in 2021 does not allow the use of boldface.

The design of drawings in the coursework is carried out according to the following requirements:

  1. All figures should be referenced in the text.
  2. The picture itself is located after the first mention (on the same page or on the next).
  3. After the figure, the figure text is placed: the word “Figure”, figure number, dash, figure name.
  4. Figures can be numbered either continuously or within a section.

The preparation of an electronic document does not end with the correct design of the course work in accordance with methodology. An example of the requirements for the subsequent stages of registration - the printout is exclusively from one side. Paper size - A4. The work must be clean and tidy. There should not be more than 2 blots on the page, but in any case, it is better to retype it than correct it.

The work ends with firmware. You can order your cover page at for a low price if you don't want to mess up. The coursework is usually fastened with a binder.

Cover page decoration

The title page is centered, except for the student and supervisor information. These data are equal on the right side. The title page should contain the following items:

  1. The name of the parent institution
  2. The name of the institution where the student is studying (without abbreviations and abbreviations).
  3. Faculty and department where the student writes the term paper.
  4. Item name.
  5. Subject (in accordance with the order).
  6. Complete student data.
  7. Information about the scientific advisor.
  8. City, year when the work was written.

The title of the work and the topic are sometimes highlighted in large size (if you used 14 pt for the main text, then it is permissible to use 18 and 20 pt) and bold.

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