Laravel Carbon diffForHumans Arguments Passing

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Discover how to use Laravel Carbon diffForHumans with ease. Learn about arguments passing and get expert tips for mastering the framework. Read now!

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that provides many useful features for web application development. One such feature is Carbon, a library for working with dates and times in PHP. Carbon provides an easy-to-use interface for manipulating dates and times, and it also includes a useful method called diffForHumans that allows developers to display the difference between two dates in a human-readable format.

With Laravel Carbon, developers can pass arguments to the diffForHumans method to customize the output. The first argument specifies the date to compare against, and the second argument determines the precision of the output. For example, passing the argument '1' will result in an output that shows the difference in terms of the largest unit of time (such as "1 month ago"), while passing the argument '2' will display the difference in terms of the two largest units of time (such as "1 month 3 days ago").

In conclusion, Laravel Carbon diffForHumans is a powerful feature that allows developers to display date and time differences in a human-readable format, with the ability to customize the output by passing arguments.

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