AWS Certification months ago, I passed the exam for the AWS Solutions


AWS Certification months ago, I passed the exam for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification (or SA Pro for short) and I’d like to share some tips and resources I used. I hope this can help you preparing the exam and getting the SA Pro certification. But before embarking on the journey to obtain an AWS certification, it’s worth while asking why bothering getting AWS certified. Here are some good reasons: Better job opportunities and salary: AWS certified engineers are in high demand and can earn top-paying salaries. Aws Exam Dumps AWS consultancy partners (like The Scale Factory) need to have a certain amount of AWS certifications in order to retain their AWS consultancy status and move to the next consulting tier so they are big recruiters of AWS certified engineers. Professional growth: you want to deepen your AWS knowledge, enhance your skills, and progress your career. Professionalise your team: become the AWS go-to expert in your organisation, upskill your team, and motivate 


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