Although Class Change is the highlight of Diablo Immortal

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"We seek to think of quests as a means to change up gameplay," he further explained D2R Items. "If the town is under attack, you may have to save citizens or aid guards. You may also have to do more than just having players clicking madly on an enemy."

After his talk, Wilson was back on the subject that he briefly addressed earlier in the course of his talk: adventures. An entirely new feature in Diablo Adventures are fundamentally scripted events that are set anywhere within a. The likelihood that the adventure arises on any given playthrough is a matter of luck as is the space that they slot into.

Characters going through the process of undergoing a Class Change will have placeholder gear with an equivalent rank to the gear worn in the previous version of the character before the Class Change, and gear equipped by the previous model of the character is put in the player's account. The players will be able to alter their appearance after making the change, and Paragon points will also be reset. All clan, warband, and social groups will continue to exist.

Although Class Change is the highlight of Diablo Immortal's next update there are new events and rewards that are also in the pipeline. There's a new track for rewards called"the Hero's Journey is being added and will reward players with various items as they face challenges that increase in difficulty to high Paragon levels. There are a variety of new items of legendary status being added for each class as well that will be focusing on new power sources that cause harm over the course of time.

The new event, called"The Adventurer's Path, will have players completing tasks in order to earn additional gold dust that has been enchanted and scrap materials D2R ladder items buy. There will be a special portrait frame that is awarded after completing 16 tasks and a legendary crest awarded for the completion of 20 tasks. The event will run from July 20 through August 30. It's the Hungering Moon, Diablo Immortal's first event with a limited time duration, will also be returning between July 29 and 31.