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The day is split  Madden 23 coins up between lifting, meetings, and practicing. We're getting close to a practice. Helmets are in place the field, drills are running, 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 are permitted however, there's no need to be live contact.

This is a joke. Plenty of people are involved in the trenches but the older you become into the team, the more you know how to safeguard yourself and perform your duties without contact. For the less experienced players there can be bloody hell.

In this phase, defense and offense get back in place from the beginning. It's the first time players have the chance to be back playing in a situation that is comparable to football. The rookies can experience the speed of the game up close however it's never even close to the speed of games.

The guys will start getting their sea legs underneath them. It starts to feel like football again.

These first nine weeks, before the three-day veterans minicamp are four days each week. They run from Monday to  Buy Madden 23 coins Thursday or Monday-Friday, with Wednesday off. Although there is a restriction to the time spent with coaches as well as the strength staff, athletes have access to the facility.