7 Principles to Create Kick-Ass Logo Animations in 2023

Animated logos can help boost your user engagement and create a memorable brand image. Here are seven principles of logo animation production you must remember.


Did you know that animated content, including logos, can boost your customers’ engagement by 80%?  Therefore, if you are an existing business owner or a budding entrepreneur, animating your logo can help you stand above the rest of the competition in your industry.

However, you have to ensure that you choose the right logo animation services to create an alluring 2D/3D animated logo for your business. That said, whether you are a logo animator or a company, you need to follow some of the basic principles to make an aspiring animated logo.

7 Principles to Make 2D/3D Animated Logos

Whether you wish to create an animated logo by yourself or outsource logo animation services, you must abide by the following seven principles.

Principle # 1 – Complementing Elements

Remember the golden rule that in order to create an eye-catching and enticing logo animation, you need to incorporate elements that complement each other. Two main complementing elements are the typeface and the logo's graphic design.

Principle # 2 - Evergreen Design

Whether you are a startup or an existing brand thinking about refreshing your logo, you must ensure to go with a modern animated logo design. However, the design must be just something that is trending today.

Remember, your company will be there for many decades to come, and you will most likely never change your logo again. Therefore, the logo animation design has to be unique, modern, and evergreen. Therefore, keep your animated logo more restrained and less stylized.

Your overall logo animation concept must be simplistic and modern, incorporating your brand colors, texture, and fonts. This will help you make subtle changes in your logo over time. All you will need is to tweak some details, and you can give your logo animation an uplift over time.

Think of big brand logos customizing their logos during different seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Principle # 3 – Memorability

No matter what you do, the aim of your logo must be to stay on top of your customer's minds. It should be simple yet memorable enough for your customer to remember at a glance. Therefore, a 2D animated logo or 3D logo animation video can help boost your brand identity and awareness. It is also safe to say that memorable logo animation will help you earn long-term customers loyalty.

Principle # 4 – Simplicity

The best logo animation is the one that is simple with a sense of clarity. Therefore, stick to simplicity when it comes to animating your logo. A cluttered or complex animation may confuse or irritate your target audience.

Remember, in today's world, less is more. Therefore, always try to aim for a minimalistic approach to your logo animation design.

Moreover, you will also be using the new logo animation on various platforms, including your website, social media pages, presentations, and videos. Therefore, having a complex logo animation may result in the loss of fine details on a platform that does not support high-end animations.

Instead, try to focus on a strong logo animation with fewer elements. As long as your animated logo production focuses on your brand's goal, message, and values, you are golden.

Principle # 5 – The Right Balance

The best logo designs are the ones with proportionate illustrations and animation symmetry. This will allow you to create a logo animation with pleasing aesthetic appeal.

Principle # 6 – Uniqueness

Did you know that even logos are an intellectual property of a company? Therefore, copying a logo may not only confuse your customers but also get you in legal trouble. Therefore, do some research on the logo idea you may have in mind.

You have to ensure that the logo you animate does not share similarities with any other company, especially within your niche. You also need to ensure that while the animated logo must be original, it should identify your company’s objective and services.

Principle # 7 – Versatility

Make sure that your logo animation and design support diversity and versatility. This will allow you to use your logo in multiple formats. For instance, you will be able to print your animated logo on caps, hoodies, and tees.

You can also offer users your brand goodies with logos on keychains, mugs, water bottles, and stationery items. You may want to print horizontal and vertical banners on different billboard sizes and dimensions. Therefore, a versatile logo animation design will help you fit your brand emblem without any distortion or damage to the visual quality.

Ready to Animate Your Brand Logo?

Your logo animation must be authentic enough to stay true to the brand and maintain your integrity in the market. All you need is to partner such as Prolific Studio with a good logo animation production company to produce top-notch corporate animated logos per your requirement and budget.