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This is where Netflix shines. The system automatically detects your Internet bandwidth speed and streams accordingly. Video quality is either DVD-video in full stereo (for connections of 1.5Mbps or better), better than DVD quality in full stereo (for connections of 3Mbps or better) and 720 or 1080 HD quality with stereo or full surround sound (for connections of 6Mbps or better).

Netflix's video player is sleek, fast and offers minimized and full screen viewing modes. So far, out of the 20 or so movies I've watched, the player only paused once to toggle video what is welcome to plathville quality to match my Internet connection speed and that was while watching on my laptop through a Wireless G connection with 3 bars. Suffice it to say, in my humble opinion, the quality of video and sound provided is fantastic!

Netflix has several connection and streaming options. Currently, Netflix Canada subscribers can watch on any Windows or Mac Computer, Nintendo Wii - Microsoft XBOX 360 - Sony PS3 gaming consoles, Netflix compatible LCD - LED - Plasma Televisions, a selection of Netflix compatible Blu-ray players, iPhone - iTouch and Blackberry devices.

imageIf you don't have any of the above other than a computer, you can still watch your movies on your TV as long as you are able to connect your computer to it using VGA or HDMI cables. Most newer TVs offer this level of connectivity.