Heated Gloves

If you want to buy the best heated Gloves for yourself and for your loved ones then Snow & Hike is the best option for you.


Heated gloves made for your freezing adventures on the mountains. As an auxiliary option, heated gloves are becoming increasingly popular. Heated gloves come in an array of sizes and styles. Unlike traditional gloves, heated gloves have elements that generate heat, usually through small electrical wires and small rechargeable batteries. Most "electric" gloves require the user to press a button to initiate the heat.

The inner palm and fingers on the Savior Heated Electric Gloves are reinforced with soft lambskin, making them durable while still flexible enough to securely grab objects without stretching the fabric. Their soft cotton lining was comfortable against my skin, and these thick gloves were warm enough even before I activated the heating elements. The power button made it easy to power the gloves on and scroll through the heat settings. If your hands feel like blocks of ice while shoveling snow, skiing or enjoying other outdoor sports, having a flare-up of arthritis, or working in a cold office, you may wonder whether it's time to wear warm gloves.