4 Reasons to Build a Pergola

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Building a pergola is the perfect solution, whether you’re looking to add a bit of structure and style to your backyard or seeking ways to add practicality to your outdoor space.

Pergolas have been around for centuries and have undergone multiple transformations recently, making them an attractive, timeless addition to any home. From adding extra shade and privacy protection to creating both visual interest and entertainment possibilities, homeowners should consider building a pergola.

Aesthetic Appeal - Pergolas offer a great deal of aesthetic appeal as they come in all shapes and sizes, from modern designs to traditional structures. You can customize the pillars, columns, decorative latticework, and other elements that make up the design of a pergola, so it fits perfectly with your existing landscaping or outdoor features. Home Remodeling Contractors in Oklahoma City can provide you with various pergola designs that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.


For many people building a pergola is an essential part of home remodeling in Oklahoma City. Whether you choose a bold solid color stain or paint scheme for your pergola or go more subtle with a natural wood grain look, you’ll no doubt be able to find something that suits your taste and budget. 


Increased Living Space - One of the best benefits of including a pergola in the home remodeling in Oklahoma City is adding another functional “room” outside your home without having one built. It will give you the additional square footage for entertaining guests outdoors and provide much-needed shade on hot summer days while still allowing airflow throughout its open beams. 


Privacy Protection - Not everyone enjoys neighbors peeking into their often private outdoor spaces, especially when attempting some relaxation or hosting an event outdoors. Building a pergola creates extra coverage by using lattice walls or even ivy-covered plants that grow along its sides over time – providing plenty of welcome privacy. 


Plus, it provides additional protection from insects during summer nights and from wind and rain when it does appear suddenly during any season! 


Low Maintenance - If you’re looking for low-maintenance additions to your backyard, then building a pergola is worth considering. Pergolas require very little maintenance other than occasional sweeping off debris from its roofing system (if made from organic material such as wood) and occasionally wiping down surfaces affected by weather exposure. 


If constructed properly with quality materials, these structures can last for decades before needing major repairs (if any!). 


These are the top 4 reasons to add a pergola to your home. Home Remodeling Contractors in Oklahoma City can guide you through building a pergola and the costs involved, which can help you make an informed decision.