The remaining Pelicans team rankings for players are to be revealedlater

The time has come to face your peers and rivals in "NBA 2K23," the most recent game in the NBA 2K franchise.But if you're likely to be looking to win games, it's prudent to pick teams that feature the top players that can make you a success.So, which NBA or WNBA top


NBA 2K23 released some of its player rankings on Tuesday. It's no surprise some of 2K23 MT the players rank in the top. Giannis Antetokounmpo won the top spot in the rankings with a 97 rating overall. LeBron, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Nikola Jokic, and Joel Embiid follow Zion, who finished with the top spot, which was 96 overall.

It's no surprise that the most highly rated Pelican would be Zion Williamson, with an score of 87 in the game.Many fans who commented in the comment section expressed their disappointment at the apparent low ranking for Williamson. It was his lowest ranking since his rookie season.Remember that the rankings change and fluctuate or change based on how you play when you are on court. When we last saw Zion Williamson play, he averaged nearly 27 points per game while shooting 60 shooting percentage from the field and we can expect his rank to rise if he has similar performance.

One accolade he did receive was the highest dunk score for the competition. He finished in a tie with Ja Morant with the score of 97 overall for dunkers. This is pretty impressive for someone who returned after a full season due to foot surgery.Zion's ability and athleticism make him an impressive spectacle to watch when he is dunking basketballs. The game's creators know this and have released behind-the-scenes footage of Zion doing his dunk to ensure they capture his poetry in motion.

The remaining Pelicans team rankings for players are to be revealedlater, even though leaks have been circulating around the web about the initial five rankings.Along with Zion's 87, the leak shows Brandon Ingram at 86, CJ McCollum at 85 ranking, Herb Jones coming in Buy NBA 2K23 MT Safe at 78 and Jonas Valanciunas rounding out with an 83 position. It won't be long before the complete list is made public to the general public. It's not long until this game and the actual games will be announced soon.