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The Omega De Ville line of watches was born in 1960, since then it has followed a continuous evolution, becoming a reference for all those who enjoy the classic and pure lines of traditional watchmaking.

Omega De Ville is the feminine collection par excellence of the Swiss Watch Manufacturer, a mixture of design and precision, its feminine pieces are a reference for the rest of the manufactures in its models for women.

On this occasion we analyze one of Omega's reference collections, the De Ville line.

The history of the Omega De Ville collection

As we said, the idea of ??manufacturing the Omega De Ville line of watches was born in 1960, however, originally it was a line dependent on the popular Seamaster. It is in the year 1967 when Omega decides to start manufacturing the De Ville models independently.

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From the beginning they were perceived as younger watches, with more modern lines, with a more varied selection and also more affordable than the Seamasters, so in a few years De Ville became Omega's best-selling range.

Omega still worked, and in fact still works, in the municipality of Bienne, however, the entire manufacture of the De Ville line was moved to Geneva, a larger city, suitable to house the manufacture of a watch that meant a leap to modernity for Omega.

As we said, separating the e Ville line from the Seamaster, Omega sought to offer urban watches in a greater number of models, and so it was. From the beginning, ultra-thin square bezels, pure round lines and details that recalled the modernist style that had triumphed were included.

The main milestone of the Omega De Ville came many years after its launch, specifically in 1999, when Omega developed a co-axial escapement, which can still only be found on certain Omega models today. This mechanism worked to revive sales of the Omega De Ville just before the turn of the century.

The Co-Axial escapement, an advance made in Omega

The Co-Axial concept is permanently linked to Omega, as this brand is the only one that develops mechanisms of this type. It is worth knowing this mechanism when we talk about the DeVille collection, since it was the first to incorporate it.

The Omega De Ville Co-Axial with automatic caliber 2,500 was the first watch with a coaxial escapement.

It was a British watchmaker, George Daniels, who single-handedly developed the co-axial mechanism, when he had completed the process, he sold the idea to Omega and the manufacture managed to mass-produce it.

Technically, each change in the viscosity of the lubricant reduces punctuality, the co-axial movement reduces both the friction of the parts, essential for a movement to be exact, and the influence of the lubricant. The co-axial escapement features an intermediate wheel, a coaxial wheel, and a three-jewel paddle lever.

This change in the mechanism reduces the friction between the usual parts in a mechanical mechanism, and also reduces the influence of the lubricant, favoring the movement of the mechanism in an exact way.

Omega De Ville watches, current collections

Currently there are 6 different lines that complete the total offer of Omega De Ville, they are the following.


The Ladymatic model is even older than the Omega De Ville watches, since its first version appeared in 1955, 50 years later Omega recovered it under the protection of the De Ville collection.

Today it is one of the most important luxury watches for women, with a 34 mm case, 18 karat red or yellow gold and polished bezels set with diamonds.

Hour Vision

The brand itself speaks of this model as one of the pinnacles of its manufacture. The design is simple, but extremely sophisticated, with a movement certified as Master Chronometer.

The silver dial is perhaps its most distinctive hallmark, the 41 mm cases. They are made of noble steel and gold, depending on the model.


The De Ville Trésor omegas were the model chosen by the brand to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Yellow gold and red enamel merge to create one of Omega's most recognizable pieces.

This women's line includes the noblest materials, from 18-carat gold in different colors to diamond bezels for the most demanding wrists.


Prestige is Omega's most versatile women's line. In this case, luxury and creativity come together to generate pieces such as the Butterfly model, the Dewrop watch or the Orbis, women's watches that are a sample of what can be done in watchmaking when working with jewel watches.


In this case, De Ville is a single model with different variations. Gold and steel are combined to generate a dozen spectacular variations, on a classic and timeless design.


The word tourbillon is synonymous with luxury in any collection, if we add the Omega manufacturing to this concept, the result is incredible.

Omega's exceptional De Ville Tourbillon dial prevents the action of gravity on the watch mechanism. These pieces are made manually and have a visible tourbillon, which shows the level of precision achieved with each of these pieces.

Omega De Ville, a collection for collectors

Omega De Ville is a collection made for people who enjoy an exceptional watch, either to wear it on a daily basis, or for a special occasion.

Omega is a reference brand, not only was it the first Luxury Watches Factory to land on the moon, it has also developed watchmaking ingenuities of all kinds, in designs that, today, are still exceptional.

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