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Just move fasterJust move fasterJust move fasterJust move faster


The good news is. There are Arctic yuan in the way. Han Li could not enter the temple to fetch the treasure first. Of course, the worry is that they also seem to be unable to pass through the sudden appearance of the North Pole yuan Light Ban. How to fetch the treasure later. It's a headache. It was the voice of the old devil that drifted. There seemed to be no guffaw at all. This light of the North Pole is for the monks who are not prepared first. It's a dead end. No wonder you always look like you're gloating. Han Li snorted coldly. Looking back at the storage bag in the shooting room. A jet-black ring flew out of the bag. After a circle, it rises in the wind overhead. Into a giant ring with a diameter of about ten feet. Runes flash on this ring. It seems quite extraordinary. It's one of the two rings. Han Li calmly pointed to the giant ring. This thing is immediately under the head-on cover. At the same time, a sharp blow hit the top. The black mask suddenly appeared on the ring. Han Li will be tightly protected in it. At the sight of this scene. The dry old devil laughed and stopped. The friar monster in the back was stunned at the same time. There was a look of disbelief on his face. Is this man really able to break through the polar light? The idea came to everyone's mind. The act of even pinching the formula to urge the method to attack the golden magnetic spirit wood. Not a slow one. The result was witnessed by them. The standing figure flashed. With the mask on his head, he broke into the dense silver light. As soon as all the northern lights hit the inconspicuous mask. It's all a weird turn. Automatically avoided Han Li. This time everyone looked at each other and gaped. In a twinkling of an eye, Han Li's figure was drowned in the light of the North Pole yuan. There was no sign of him. Do it quickly. We can't let this kid really take the treasure! The Silver Wing Yaksha finally woke up from the shock. A sharp drink in the mouth. The face became twisted and ferocious. Just move faster. What's the use. And what about the light block of the North Pole? Ge Tianhao also said with a livid face. Hum! The North Pole yuan Light can baffle others. Trying to stop the old man is a dream. Dry old devil ice cold extremely cold hum. Then the child demon made a huge white shadow. All of a sudden a jump. Unexpectedly no longer pay attention to the remaining gold magnetic wood. Shoot directly at the door of the temple. Great Elder. You Ge Tianhao and others were surprised. He could not help exhaling. As a result, the huge white shadow entered the remaining magnetic field of the golden magnetic spirit wood. Suddenly,inflatable amusement park, a huge force immediately came. He immediately pulled the white shadow to his face. You can't move an inch. Hi! A huge roar like thunder came from the white shadow's mouth. Then the light of the white shadow converged. An invisible blood shot out of the white shadow. After flying more than ten steps in an instant. Was pulled to the surface again by Juli. But the shadow of blood trembled slightly. Step by step toward the hall like an ordinary person. This scene. Naturally, the shemales were shocked. By now. I can only borrow the magical power of Kei Daoyou. Do it. We can't wait. Those things must not fall into the hands of others! Silver-winged Yaksha no longer hesitated to turn his head. With a gloomy look, he whispered to the ugly woman. The ugly woman also nodded solemnly. Then there was a flash of white light all over. The figure suddenly rolled to the top. The light is dazzling under the eyes. A huge black and white tortoise emerged. Go straight ahead and climb fast. The monster took the form of a demon. The beast and the silver-winged yaksha flew up at the same time. Sitting on the turtle's back. This time of the giant tortoise. It just happened to enter the magnetic field range of the golden magnetic spirit wood. Result. The lion,inflatable amusement park, the beast and the silver-winged yaksha flashed. Struggling on the turtle's back, unable to move. But the whole body of the giant tortoise is flashing in black and white. Four feet unexpectedly did not stop to climb forward quickly. As if he had not been affected at all. But it can't help but be affected. Because when several demons enter the magnetic field at the same time. Eerie golden runes suddenly appeared around the three demons. These runes seem to be invisible and quickly disappear into the body one by one. Although the body guard is bright and the eyes are dazzling. There was nothing to stop the runes from sinking in. Giant tortoise | does not appear to have and influence. Silver-winged yakshas and lion beasts after none of the runes have sunk into the body. The expression is immediately dispirited. As if he had been subjected to some very severe prohibition. Fortunately, however, the scope of the remaining gold magnetic heavy light energy is not too much. The giant tortoise carried the three men out of the range in almost a moment. The two demons immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Most of the spirit recovered at once. Volume 5 Mingzhen Yifang Volume 6 Tongtian Lingbao Chapter 119 Sneak Attack The tortoise and the two demons came down from their backs, and immediately their bodies flashed back into shape, but their ugly faces looked unusually pale, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable indoor park, as if they had just lost a lot of energy through the golden magnetic heavy light- The three demons flashed and shot into the hall without stopping. At this time, the blood shadow of the old demon had already taken the first step to fly in, and the three demons could just see countless silver threads piercing through the blood shadow, leaving their bodies full of holes. But the blood shadow all over the body at the same time burst out dazzling blood awn, the body in the damage at the same time, unexpectedly in the constant self-repair. Under such circumstances, the blood shadow of the dry old demon did not stop at all, and in a twinkling of an eye it disappeared into the light of the North Pole yuan. Seeing this scene, the three demons did not dare to be any later, as if they had already discussed the countermeasures, and the lion and beast suddenly stood in front of them, with a big mouth at the same time. A golden sound came out of the mouth silently, and all the silver wires were cut off in an instant. Followed by the silver wing yaksha is a double hard fan, a blue wind from the wings of the wild gush out, with the golden wave will immediately blow those broken silver disappeared. As a result, a piece of "open space" finally appeared under the constant sweeping of the two kinds of communication. The three demons took the opportunity to break into it, and then slowly ran to the depths of the hall. Lin Yinping, who was still outside the Kunwu Hall, looked even harder to see. In a twinkling of an eye,Inflatable mechanical bull, they and Ge Tianhao were the only ones who remained in place and continued to destroy the giant trees. Her shellfish teeth bite slightly, Dai eyebrow light wrinkle, twist toward the young man surnamed Xu said: "Brother Xu.". We 。 joyshineinflatables.com