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Lin Yan sneered, from the beginning to the present, the people who want Lin Yan's life seem to have died in the hands of Lin Yan, Ye Wuxin is an exception, but eventually he died, Lin Yan did not know where this person's confidence came from, only looked at Lin Yan one side, he was sure that he could kill Lin Yan. Could it be that he used to be a bandit who killed hundreds of people to have such a fierce and confident tone, or that he was a fool who pretended to be stupid. Lin Yan felt that the former was in the majority, and although he only looked at it once or twice, Lin Yan felt from him the breath of those who crawled out of the corpse, the breath of death. This man must have been a retired special forces soldier. Lin Yan secretly guessed in his heart. The man who wants my life hasn't been born yet. Seeing that the big fellow was so domineering, Lin Yan did not want to weaken the limelight and said to each other. Let's see whether you send me to the West or I send you to the West. The big fellow's eyes were full of provocation, and his eyes made it clear that he didn't believe Lin Yan's words. He just wanted to force Lin Yan to fight with him. Then try it. Those who come are not good, those who do not come are not good. I thought I could catch Zhang Gui when I entered the Yumeiren compartment. But Lin Yan didn't get what he wanted. He didn't find any clues for a while. Ye Huan must have been rescued there. Lin Yan couldn't ask about Zhang Gui's whereabouts. This man is certainly not a nobody. It's possible that Zhang Gui was specially invited to deal with Lin Yan's senior thugs. Or one of Zhang Gui's generals. He must know Zhang Gui's whole plan, as long as Lin Yan caught him, must know Zhang Gui's hiding place, this is the only clue. Lin Yan now do not want to retreat in vain, to this step, Lin Yan will come up with a little achievement, otherwise Jiang Xiaojie where the banquet, Lin Yan also have no face to drink a cup. The big fellow all over the body only put on a bath towel,x60 line pipe, quite the style of the three kingdoms tiger crazy Xu Chu war d, he is not afraid of Lin Yan with a sharp blade, the first to rush over. Before you die, please remember that a man named Long Yang killed you. The big fellow carries the potential of ten thousand vehicles to kill Lin Yan, majestic, like a God coming down to earth. SB。” Lin Yan is not so fastidious, since he wants to deal with himself with a sharp weapon empty-handed, Lin Yan as he wishes,x60 line pipe, others have good intentions, how can Lin Yan refuse. A powerful straight fist straight to Lin Yan in the palace, powerful sink, look at this posture if solid, Lin Yan's chest will be more than an iron hole. Coming first, with a knife in his right hand, Lin Yan suddenly struck his chest. As long as Longyang dared to bombard Lin Yan's chest, Lin Yan would also make a blood hole in his arm as thick as his thigh. Long Yang is really afraid of this sharp knife, fist potential changed to palm potential, oblique up a fishing, unexpectedly want empty gloves white blade, seize Lin Yan's weapon and then clean up Lin Yan. Time is pressing at this time, Lin Yan and no extra time to waste, a little earlier from the mouth of Longyang asked the whereabouts of Zhang Gui, Lin Yan will be able to catch Zhang Gui one more chance, before the start, x56 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, Lin Yan ordered the smart watch in the small words, as long as the two bodies contact, small words will release the Tr point to invade Longyang's brain, destroy his motor nerve. Lin Yan did not make any resistance to Longyang's sudden change of moves, as if he had suddenly been immobilized and let Longyang grab his wrist, but Lin Yan, who had been immobilized, showed a sneer at the corners of his mouth. At this moment, Longyang showed a stunned expression. Tonight, he took a bath in the bath center. As a result. Zhang Gui made a phone call to him and asked for one thing, and then Zhang Gui told Longyang about his failure in Hongxiu Maintenance Factory tonight. Long Yang saw that Zhang Gui could not solve the problem, and heard that the enemy's skill was not generally good, his hands were itching, his whole body was itching, so he agreed to Zhang Gui's request, but after Zhang Gui arranged a plan for him to wait in Yu Meiren's box, after an hour of suffering, he finally waited for the man whose appearance was not surprising. 、 I thought I could have a good time tonight and relax my muscles and bones, but after only two moves, the opponent was so easily caught by himself, so Longyang showed a stunned expression. Is this man the master who Zhang Gui kept saying that he couldn't fix it? It's just so so. But to catch the enemy is to catch, Long Yang has never let go of the enemy's habit since he was expelled from the army and mixed up with the broken wind. Just as he was trying to break Lin Yan's wrist, the mutation suddenly occurred. Long Yang's whole body was numb, and in an instant the feeling of strength filling his whole body receded like the tide, and he collapsed on the ground. He saw clearly the smirk at the corners of Lin Yan's mouth. What's going on here? Long Yang's whole body could not lift a trace of strength, his face was directly covered on the hot floor by the hot steam, and severe labor pains came from his head. What, what, what happened. How could he drop the chain at such a critical moment? Long Yang knew the tragic ending. Lin Yan crouched down, stabbed Longyang directly in the face with a knife, and lifted him up to the ceiling. He could not move. In order to ask questions, Lin Yan had to let him see clearly the situation at this time. The sharp knife against Longyang's fleshy fat face, the two sides of the concave piece were directly scraped out two marks by the sharp knife awn, bleeding more than, in this move, Longyang disfigured, Lin Yan did not have the slightest sense of guilt, if two people change positions, it is estimated that Longyang will directly give Lin Yan a click. Let me see what the man who just bragged about killing me looks like, Jie Jie. Lin Yan a burst of Yin laughter, this Longyang is really able to resist, in order to paralyze him, Xiaoyan just said to Lin Yan that the dose of Tr points is twice as much as ordinary people. Long Yang could not move his whole body, but there was no problem in speaking. Even though he had a sharp pain in his head, Long Yang looked at Lin Yan fiercely and asked, "What did you do to me?" "You'll find out later." Lin Yan sold a pass, "You answer me a few questions, I am satisfied with the answer, I can consider not killing you." After saying this,316l stainless steel pipe, the knife in Lin Yan's hand left Longyang's rough face like lightning, and a knife quickly plunged into Longyang's right wrist, directly into a cool heart.