They were real flying swords

They were real flying swordsThey were real flying swordsThey were real flying swords


A white ox, stepping on the void, came out of the clouds step by step. The white ox was the same size as an ordinary Buffalo, but its body was like white jade. The horns on its head had a ring of texture, big and strong. On the back of the white bull sat a young man dressed in blue cloth, holding an emerald flute, with a natural look. On the other side of the white cow and the young man, there was also a middle-aged man in a black gown with a dark face. Yun Mengsheng, Xin Wuji! As soon as saw these two people, Xiao Wangchen and Wei Ziqi, the building night frightened facial expression could not help but slightly changed a change. Yun Mengsheng and Xin Wuji are both from the Great Freedom Palace. Both Datong Temple and Zhengyi Dao can be regarded as big schools, but in the past hundred years, there have been no outstanding figures. The cultivation of Bule Zen Master, Kong Rang Zen and Kong Rang Dao is not in the eyes of Xiao Wangchen and others. But the Great Free Palace is completely different. The Great Free Palace is not very famous among the monastic sects in the world, but like Luofu and Chi Le, many people have never heard of it, but it is not without strength. On the contrary, the reason why these sects are not famous is that, like some sects, their disciples do not move much in the world. The Great Free Palace is also one of such sects. Xiao Wangchen and others know very well that the strength of the Great Free Palace is now second only to Kunlun and Shushan in the world's Xuanmen, and may be even stronger than Emei now. The art of the Great Free Palace is also very mysterious. Yun Mengsheng and Xin Wuji are at least masters at the same level as Nan Li Yue and Zhuo Shen Dao. Take my sword! Yun Mengsheng, dressed in a blue cloth, sat on the white ox and showed his figure. He just stroked the flute with both hands and smiled without saying anything. But Xin Wuji,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, dressed in a black gown and with a dark face, did not talk nonsense at all. With a flash of light in his eyes, a white sword rushed towards the building with a sudden sound. This is also the Jian Gang formed by Jian Yi and Zhen yuan by extracting the vitality of the surrounding Gui water. Luobei and Caiyu felt that the sword released by Xin Wuji was not a flying sword, but a transparent sword like Luobei, which was congealed with the meaning of the sword and Zhenyuan. And the two men suddenly felt that in this sword of Xin Wuji, there was also a strong vitality of Guishui. Obviously, this sword was formed by extracting the vitality of the surrounding Guishui with the meaning of the sword and Zhenyuan. If it was in the sea or on the sea with abundant vitality of Guishui, the power of this sword formula would be more powerful. His Jian Gang can even change direction in the air! Luobei with the meaning of the sword and Zhenyuan condensation of the broken sword Gang, although can be sent out together, but also can be sent out one after another, but after sending out like a bow and arrow, can not change the direction in the air, Brushless Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, but Luobei and mining immediately saw that Xin Wuji's sword Hua shot out, but it was a fold, directly avoided a yellow light from the night of the building. Chop to the floor of the body in front of the night terror. The building night terror saw the sword gang rushed, also not nervous, hands together, a group of yellow cloud will build night terror wrapped inside, the sword gang cut from the yellow cloud, yellow cloud dispersed, the building night terror is safe and sound. Very good! Take my sword again! A Jian Gang fell empty, Xin Wuji snorted, eyebrows jumped, and suddenly thousands of silver flowers gushed out in front of him, which would come down like rainstorms. This man is a madman! "How could he send out so many flying swords?" Such an idea flashed in Luobei's mind in an instant. Xin Wuji's blow actually enveloped all the people. And Luobei felt that the silver swords were all rippling with the real breath of gold and iron. They were real flying swords, not the kind of swords just now. The swordsmanship he practiced is different. His swordsmanship is no less powerful than mine! But Luobei also immediately reacted to come over, that a silver sword China on the gas of gold and iron is the same, Xin Wuji is not a wave of a thousand flying swords, but Xin Wuji's sword formula is very strange, seems to be a flying sword, scattered into thousands of together. This can be said to be the second master of practicing flying sword in Luobei besides Huan Bingyun. The difference is that Huan Bingyun is powerful in flying sword itself, while Xin Wuji is very powerful in both cultivation and swordsmanship. He is a real master of cultivating sword. Ah A shrill scream suddenly sounded, but it was a man in the evil palace, who was hit by a white light when he was performing his magic to resist the silver sword that Xin Wuji's rainstorm drenched with flowers. Luobei could see clearly that the white light was from the clouds on the back of the white ox. It was just a flower with a faint white light, which looked like a white chrysanthemum, only three inches in size. But this white light like a white chrysanthemum hit the body of the people in the evil palace, and in the shrill screams, the whole body of the people in the evil palace exploded. This man is also a vicious character! Luo Bei saw that as soon as he killed a man in the Demon Palace, Yun Mengsheng's face was still hung with a leisurely and contented look, as if it was not a human life that was pinched to death, but just picked a leaf casually. Chapter 215 an unprecedented opponent! "Demon King, if you don't make a move, we'll never get the blood relic." Xiao Wangchen quickly reached out his hand and pinched out a formula, while hurriedly saying to Luobei. Although Luobei and Xiao Wangchen formed the blood oath of the ancient nether world, but both sides are just expedient measures, Luobei naturally will not be foolish to rush ahead to fight to the death. Until now, Luobei has not moved anything except meditating and breathing, and even the spells that are coming towards them have been blocked by the chariot of the Wutanjin Demon Wolf, the royal envoy of Zhan Baili. Now the situation has been very obvious, from the point of view of repair and absolute strength alone,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but the Demon Palace side is slightly stronger. After all, those who came with Xiao Wangchen and others were also highly cultivated people. But now the key is that no one can suppress Nanli Yue except Xiao Wangchen. And in addition to the floor night terrors, no one can suppress Zhuo Shen Dao.