A space tower fell from the sky.

A space tower fell from the sky.A space tower fell from the sky.


Therefore, Padria really found Zhang Hao and asked Jonathan's question. When Zhang Hao heard this, he patted Padria on the shoulder: "Don't worry, you will be very busy in the future.". Well, it should be that Jonathan will be very busy. You'd better concentrate on your practice. It's better to reach the level of the Great Master. At that time, there will be a main fleet waiting for you to operate. Padria froze. "A main fleet?" Zhang Hao spread out his hands: "Isn't the standard of Da Nian Shi a main fleet?"? I can't let you go out with one or two battleships, can I? Padria was excited and nodded solemnly: "I understand, I will work hard to practice." Zhang Hao said with a smile, "Don't make yourself too tight. You can't be too nervous in practice. You should learn to adjust your mental state.". Oh, by the way, doesn't your godson have any bold ideas? Padria was startled. What bold idea? If he dares to think badly of you, I will not let him go first. Zhang Hao's head is full of black lines:.. I mean, Jonathan hasn't proposed to your daughter yet? With a cry, Padria understood and hesitated before saying, "There's no progress for the time being. Mary is close to men, or.." Alas. Zhang Hao thought about it,brushless gear motor, took out a Holy Spirit and handed it to Padria. Padria wondered, "What is this?" Zhang Hao: "You try to inspire it with mental strength." Padria immediately complied, and a milky glow appeared, spreading outward to a hundred meters before disappearing. This It's amazing. Padria murmured, already intoxicated with the feeling of peace and tranquility. Zhang Hao patted him awake: "Take this back and give it to your wife and daughter once a day, which should make them feel much more comfortable." Padria nodded hurriedly. Zhang Hao sighed in his heart: it is a pity that this kind of thing can only be used by people with enough mental strength in other worlds, such as Nian Shi and Awakening. Moreover,gear reduction motor, all of its energy needs to be provided by the exciter, and each excitation will gradually consume its own light system energy, and will not produce a bright heart for Hetticher. After all, these are two dimensions, and Hetticher needs to be promoted to the third level to master the spiritual power of this cross-dimensional space to receive believers and create a heart of light. And this kind of cross-dimensional mental power transmission will bring huge losses, and it will be good to leave a few percent for her. So Zhang Hao is not necessary, and he will not sell a lot of Holy Spirit in other spaces. As for the desert planet, Zhang Hao is still waiting for David to complete the research on the warship production line. When the results are available, it will become his manufacturing base for warship parts. He can't fit many complete first-class warships, but if he can fit a large number of parts modules in the space tower, and then transport them to the right place for assembly. After reassuring Padria and Jonathan, Micro Gear Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Zhang Hao returned to South Anders again. In the last year or so, he even went to see the old Dallas couple in disguise. The two were still in good health and were surprised by his arrival, but they did not understand his disguise. Zhang Hao had no choice but to tell Old Dallas that he had offended a big shot in the Chamber of Commerce. Although he was not afraid of the other side, he did not want to cause trouble to Old Dallas. Chapter 746 something happened to the Holy Land, the Sulus Pill. Old Dallas didn't care: "You're going to mess with the big man at South Anders, so it's okay to be cautious.". But Shanglian? That's a bunch of sissy softies. I'm not afraid of them. Zhang Hao blinked his eyes and murmured in his heart: If you knew that I had cheated the former deputy commander of the southern sector and a large number of dignitaries, would you dare to hang like this? Of course, after saying this, the old Dallas did not force Zhang Hao to show his true colors. Old Dallas was not afraid, but he didn't want Zhang Hao to be found by his enemies in the middle of the game, which was disappointing. Anyway, Zhang Hao only hid his appearance from other small town residents, and did not hide anything from him. This time on vacation, Zhang Hao did not have Olivia, and the four girls also changed their appearance. Selena and Catwoman and Dakota have become very mature, and the little girl continues to maintain her original age. In this way, it becomes a rich man who takes three beautiful women and their daughters to the countryside for vacation, which makes the men in the town envious and jealous. However, this kind of thing is not uncommon in the interstellar age, and some planets even have laws allowing them to marry several wives, so people are envious and don't pay much attention to it. Zhang Hao still chats with the old Dallas after practicing every day. Unlike last time, this time he got a lot of gossip from the Star Alliance and the Chamber of Commerce, and chatted more speculatively with the old Dallas. A retired old officer, but also a little bit of cynic attributes, what can we talk about? It is nothing more than the war of a hundred years ago, and the current situation of various countries, the balance of military forces, and how it will be once the war starts. Well, this is the same as the Daxia people who earned 3000 yuan a month last year. Many of them also like to talk about national affairs. This kind of gossip has made Zhang Hao relax a little recently. The possibility of making mistakes in a hurry is greater, and he is not forced to do so, so the choice of the core of the second ring is not so urgent. After playing like this for a few days, there was movement on Diana's side again. This time it was not Diana who contacted him, but what he found in the secretly recorded recordings when he routinely sent to the Sulus Empire once a month to receive information. Zhang Hao used to rely on technology to bully the ancient warrior in the second space, but in the fourth space, his technology could not bully these masters, but he used magic to continue his eavesdropping career. The key to this eavesdropping is Olivia's wind listening. A pair of listening props made by magic, which can hear all the movements from the other end. Zhang Haoren can't stay in Sulus every day, nor can he play recording equipment in Diana's Princess House,Planetary Gear Motor, but he can record at the receiving end and recycle the recording every once in a while. He has placed these things around many important people in the three countries. The working principle of these magic props is very different from the technology of the Star Age, so it is difficult to be detected by those instruments. It is possible for a master of mind power to be aware of it, but only a master who is very meticulous or perceptive. ichgearmotor.com