Royal Beauty

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The two men went outside, and Song yuanhang looked around before he helped Shen into the carriage. After the two men were seated, he ordered the coachman to go straight out of the city. He was so nervous that his whole heart was in his throat. Obviously no one knows, but all the way out of the city, but let him feel uneasy, afraid of what went wrong on the way. Near the city gate, he leaned out. The soldier guarding the city asked him, "Lord Song, are you leaving the city so late?" Song yuanhang nodded and said, "It's urgent. Madam and I are going out. Please make it convenient." The soldiers didn't ask much, so they opened the gate and let them go. Wait until outside the city, the carriage continued to run forward, Song yuanhang thought it was safe, did not expect the carriage to shake heavily, and then stopped. The author has something to say: Today, I talked to someone about parenting, but I was a little late. Chapter 113 Baoding outside the city is a wilderness, this time,ultrasonic cutting machine, especially quiet. There was only the rustling of the autumn wind blowing and rolling up the fallen leaves beside the road. Song yuanhang subconsciously put his hand in front of Shen and asked, "Driver, what's going on outside?" But the coachman did not answer. I don't know if I'm scared or I've been restrained. Song yuanhang felt the frozen suffocation in the air. He was just a civil official, expecting that the emperor would not make a big show even if he was looking for someone, and did not want to expose Shen's whereabouts, so he did not bring too many people out. But now.. But it's a matter of life and death. Shen gently put Song yuanhang's hand down and leaned over to get out of the carriage. Song yuanhang quickly pressed her shoulder and asked, "What are you going to do?" Shen smiled softly. "I'm not going. I'm afraid neither of us can go." "No!" Song yuanhang frowned and blocked the entrance of the carriage. "I can't let you die." Shen glanced outside. "How do you know I'm going to die?"? I don't think he's gonna kill me. Lord Song,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, if you don't see anything, I'll try to get you to leave. "Who is he in your mouth?" Song yuanhang asked uncertainly. He had an answer in his mind, but he dared not say it. With a sigh, Shen gently pushed him away and lifted the curtain of the carriage. In the vast night, the dozen shadows in front of the carriage were like ghosts. The coachman was being held at the waist by a dagger, shivering and afraid to move. When Shen wanted to get off, the leader said, "Mrs. Lao will sit in the car and wait." Shen glanced at the speaker, who looked somewhat familiar, and seemed to be one of the most capable disciples of the Great Inner Officer. These people who have lost their power always speak in a strange way, which sounds particularly gloomy in the middle of the night. During the day, they deliberately inquired around the house, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic welding transducer, which should be to "frighten the snake" so that she could come out by herself. Let the innocent go. I'll go with you. Shen said. The man did not move like a mountain, as if he had no intention of accepting Shen's opinion. Their mission this time was very covert, and the higher authorities wanted the woman to be unscathed, regardless of anything else. In order to keep secret, it's nothing to kill a few people. Looking at their posture, Shen seemed to want to take the lives of Song yuanhang and the rickshaw puller. "They don't know anything," he said lightly. If you kill them, I won't cooperate. I think your master has told you to have a living person, right? Sure enough, the leader's face changed. The woman was intercepted in the middle of the night, but she was still so calm. She was really not an ordinary person. After whispering a few words to the people around him, he said, "People in the car, get down." Shen knew that this was a promise to release people, and turned back to let Song yuanhang go down. Song yuanhang refused, he is a man, there is no reason to let a woman protect? What's more, how can he explain to Pei Yan after he handed Shen over? But Shen grabbed his arm, very hard, slender fingers almost pinched Song yuanhang's bones: "You are not a person, you still have Qianru.". Listen to me. You are no match for them. Don't sacrifice your life in vain. I'll try to save myself. You tell the Marquis that I'll be all right. "But." Song yuanhang still can't make up his mind. "No buts!" Shen whispered, "If you don't go, I can't protect you!"! Do you want Qianru to be a widow at a young age? Song yuanhang got out of the carriage and stood by the roadside. The group of people left the rickshaw puller, who had been scared out of his wits, beside him, and replaced them with their own people to drive the carriage and take Shen Yangchang away. Song yuanhang stood still until they became a dot in the night and finally disappeared. For the first time, he felt very useless. He knew he shouldn't watch a weak woman being taken away by them like this. It was no different from a sheep going into a tiger's mouth. But if he was killed here, there would be no one to send a letter to Pei Yan, not to mention Qianru waiting for him at home. Looking at Shen, it seems that he knows the masters of these people and knows their purpose very well. Are they really sent by the emperor? Lying in the carriage, my heart is very calm. Really to her to face the past, in the face of Pei Zhang at this moment, she is not as excited as she imagined, but calmly accepted the fate of the arrangement. If Pei Zhang was just trying to catch her and threaten Pei Yan, the weight of the big family of Jingyuan Hou Fu in the capital would obviously be heavier. And he did not hesitate to send his closest attendant to find her in Baoding for only one reason, that is, he may know her identity. It doesn't matter how he knows. Shen closed her eyes and rested. At this time, she had already fallen asleep. She speculated that these people were going to take her directly back to the capital, so it would be better to have a good sleep and take it as it comes. The carriage moved slowly along the road and finally stopped at a small inn for passing passengers to rest. This inn is not big, also relatively simple, after sinking the carriage,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, see the big inner officer with people standing in the yard, some surprised. Big inside officer is almost not leave Pei Zhang side, Pei Zhang unexpectedly out of the palace to here.