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He had already checked that it was her stepbrother who was with Meng that day. She blinked and her eyelashes steamed up. Jiang Ren panicked a little. After a while, he gently wiped the corners of her eyes with his finger pulp and whispered, "I promise, I didn't say a word about you. Don't be afraid, OK?" He always thought that Meng was afraid of this. Students are the most naive and cruel. What a bad reputation he has! If you have anything to do with him, you may be unhappy all through high school. Review of Chapter 27 She did not know how to explain, a long time whispered, "I am not afraid, you will be all right?" With a smile in his eyes, he said lazily, "No, what is he?". Come on, go back to class, good student. Jiang Ren said firmly and did not care, Meng listen to finally breathe a sigh of relief. Only then did she realize that she had been out for so long that she had not even asked for leave. Meng listened for a moment and nodded. Jiang Ren took a taxi to take her back to school. When I got off the bus, the school was over. There was a lot of noise on the campus of No.7 Middle School. He looked at her, but he didn't get out of the car. If his reputation was just a little bad before, now it can be described as extremely bad. I heard that Chen Shuo in the hospital is still awake. Meng listen is not the same, she looks so good-looking, smiling as if the whole world's sunshine is sentimentally attached to her. He met Meng many times,interactive touch screens education, she was in the crowd, quiet, but countless people around peeked at her. He was looking at her, too, but because he knew what his reputation was, he couldn't even greet her like anyone else. She is not a person like Shen Yuqing, nor Lu Yue. She doesn't like him. Jiang Ren is very clear, he has a steelyard in his heart,digital interactive whiteboard, Meng listens to see him, because of guilt and sympathy. If it wasn't for him beating that scum, even if he was in prison, he wouldn't come to see him. But *** it, guilt? He doesn't need this. She is the most special campus beauty of No.7 Middle School. Just looking at her and not talking, I feel very beautiful. When Meng listened and looked back, the black-haired boy had already gone to the vocational high school. He walked in carelessly. The doorman looked at him several times, and the people around him looked at him. His eyes were full of surprise, but he dared not talk about him until he was gone. Only then did he dare to sigh in a low voice, "Jiang Ren is too awesome." It's so awesome to be so calm after such a thing. That year's students were far less naughty than a few years later, with low-key puppy love, fear of the police, and fear of being expelled from school. Even if the vocational high school will be chaotic, but usually just smoking and drinking put cruel words, 75 inch smart board ,interactive panels for education, who dares to be like Jiang Ren, without saying a word, go up and put people to death. Jiang Ren's case has caused great waves in the hearts of vocational high school students. Chen Shuo was beaten unconscious by him, if no one pulled, it is estimated that life is lost. He was released so quickly, but it's still not that simple. A large amount of compensation for medical expenses was paid, and there was a lot of hubbub around. Even the surrounding residential areas knew that there was a very bad student in the vocational high school who deliberately hurt people. This matter also has a great impact on the school, the first quarter of the year will always recruit new students, if Jiang Ren is here, their enrollment will be affected. Such a big thing, back to the B city. Chairman Jiang was so angry that his eyes darkened and said that the school should be strict with him. He won't meddle in this matter. So there is a rumor that the vocational high school plans to let Jiang Rennian review next Monday. I don't know how it spread, but by the time of the flag-raising ceremony on Monday, many people in No.7 Middle School also knew about it. My Tianjiang Ren wants to read a self-criticism in front of the whole school. Will he get angry and beat people? "I don't think he can read it." After all, so much to look at, Jiang endure that kind of temper, he did not drag Chen Shuo out to kill even if good, but also pointed at him to review? "I heard that when Jiang Ren came to their vocational high school, he was given a demerit for skipping classes and fighting, and the teacher dared not let him review." …… The class was chattering, and someone suddenly said, "They usually use microphones to speak on Monday in vocational high schools." The microphone is very loud, and it is used in the summary meeting of the vocational high school. Because the students are too noisy and the microphone is loud. No.7 Middle School, however, does not use it. It all depends on the teaching director to shout at the top of his voice and use pressure to deter the students. Fortunately, the students in No.7 Middle School are easy to manage and obedient. Everyone is excited to use the microphone at this moment! That is to say, if you stand on this side, you can hear what is going on over there. Meng listened and raised his eyes. There were only two walls and an alley between their two schools. She looked up and could only see the high wall and the birds flying over. His temper is so bad, so overbearing and unreasonable. Will he really be punished and self-criticism? ~ Jiang is not going to read the self-criticism. He was listening to the teacher in the office. Their head teacher, surnamed Liu, was a 50-year-old man. Teacher Liu said a lot of words, even if what apology ah, Jiang Ren is a vocational high school student, always have to consider the reputation of the school. It's not good for the reputation of the school if you fight and don't repent. Jiang Ren stood with his hands in his pockets, his masseter muscles stirring from time to time as he chewed gum. Although he did not speak and was careless, Mr. Liu was in a panic. Just let you read a self-criticism, meaning meaning, and apologize to Chen Shuo. Think about what you have done to him. Jiang Ren giggled. Teacher Liu can't hang on his face. "Can you stop eating and vomiting when you talk to the teacher?" He said lightly, "I want to smoke, but I haven't finished yet." Teacher Liu ".." Forget it. It's better than smoking. He talked for a long time and said to Jiang Ren, "Review is here, this is." Model, you just read it. Jiang Ren glanced at it. I don't know who wrote it, but it's really a standard review. He didn't reach for it. He Junming poked his head outside and said, "Report to the teacher!"! I'm looking for Jiang Ren! Teacher Liu, "He Junming!"! This is the office, I'm lecturing! He Junming laughed,electronic board for classroom, "Brother Ren, they drove the car here and asked you if you would go to Xiaogang City to play." Jiang Ren said, as if he was going to stop listening to Mr. Liu's nonsense. Teacher Liu was so angry that he was fuming. This These ***ing students. hsdsmartboard.com