Reborn Sparrow Becomes Phoenix _ Pai Pai Novel

Reborn Sparrow Becomes Phoenix _ Pai Pai NovelReborn Sparrow Becomes Phoenix _ Pai Pai Novel


The starry night took out the mother's original one from the drawer, put the two boxes together, and the patterns on the box surface formed a complete picture of flowers and birds. It was given to me by my teacher's wife when I got married. It has a history of more than one hundred years. Grandma looked at the two jewelry boxes and explained. It's so delicate that the paint is still so bright after such a long time. Both boxes are in good condition. Good things can't be wrong at any time. Grandma opened the box she had brought. I have a gift for you. A pair of jade bracelets, one of which was obviously broken, were connected again by the method of gold wrapped jade. The bracelet is shining green in the light. The starry night never knows that green can be so gorgeous and dazzling. Carefully pick it up. Even if the starry night does not understand the jade, it should be the best of the jade. It's so beautiful. "The starry night can't help praising.". Grandma looked at the expression of starry night infatuation and smiled, "Your grandfather gave it to me in those years. It's an old thing. Your mother liked it like you in those years. She was still young at that time. She always took it out secretly to see it. Once she knocked it on the ground and cracked one. Later, she asked the old master of Liuhe Building to inlay it, but she could also bring it." I didn't expect my mother to be naughty when she was a child. Grandma took Starry Night's hand and put it on her wrist. "It was supposed to be given to your mother. Your mother gave you something that was handed down from generation to generation. Your mother left early, so she gave it to you directly. It was a gift from Grandma." "Grandma, it's too expensive for me to take." Starry night knows an old saying that gold has no jade, that is to say, good jade is priceless. Starry night used to go to jewelry stores in her previous life. The jade she had seen was not as good as this pair of bracelets. Even if it was a pair of bracelets, she was afraid that she could not buy it for more than ten or two hundred thousand yuan. Although she did not understand it,artificial grass panels, she also knew that if it was an antique, it would be even more impossible to measure. What's more, the meaning of Grandpa giving Grandma is even more different. What is not expensive? I am old and dizzy. If I can't hold it steadily one day, it won't be worth a penny. "But it's a different meaning for Grandpa to give you!" Said the starry night uneasily. "That's all children's words. We have been an old couple for decades. What does the relationship have to do with this bracelet? What is meaningful?"? If he didn't give me this bracelet, can't we grow old together? We can only hold each other in our hearts,artificial coconut palm trees, but there is no place to hold these external things. Girl tells you not to put the cart before the horse and forget what is the most important thing. Looking at the starry night with a thoughtful look, Grandma said, "You are young, and you can't understand some words so deeply. You don't have to think about it deliberately. You will understand it naturally when you have rich life experience." "Grandma, you are so wise. What you say is so meaningful. I admire you so much." The starry night looked at the open-minded and sensible old man with admiration. Grandma laughed and said, "I have been eating rice for decades. Isn't there a saying that old people become fine?" "Grandma, aren't you an old fairy? Are you an old fairy? No, a fairy comes down to earth." "What fairy? Is there a fairy with a wrinkled face?" Grandma is smiling from ear to ear. Jumping out of bed in the starry night, he pointed to the picture on the wall and said, "I'm not talking nonsense. You see, fake blossom tree ,silk olive tree, it's not more beautiful than a fairy." "The little flatterer will coax me to be happy, and only one day he will make Jia Kaijiao glib." Grandma's words were full of spoiling, but a big hat of teaching a bad sister was put on Jiakai's head. Grandma looked around the room, "This guest room is too small, the furniture is not complete, but also to add a lot of things." "Grandma doesn't have to bother, as long as she has another desk." The starry night hurriedly stopped it. How can there be no dressing table in a girl's room? You don't have to worry about it. I'll design it. You can go to bed early. You've been tired all day. "Then go to bed early, Grandma. Good night." Sent the grandmother out of the door, starry night received the bracelet and the five thousand yuan in the jewelry box. Can not help but rejoice for themselves, grandma's family are very easy to get along with and love themselves. The starry night hugged the jewelry box tightly in her arms. Mom, did you see that? Daughter is very good, grandparents are also very good, you can rest assured! How are you in the sky? Are you with your father? I miss you in the starry night. Chapter 24 Grandpa's gift. Updated May 6, 2010 18:43:39 Words: 2584 At six o'clock in the morning, the biological clock of starry night rings on time and wakes up habitually. Only six o'clock, others will not get up so early, starry night in bed and dawdle for half an hour, really can not sleep, outside the dawn, decided to get up and go out for a walk. Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt May all live on the first floor. On the second floor, there are only two brothers, myself and Kai Jialuo. I saw their doors closed in the starry night. I'm afraid they haven't got up yet. After all, it's still winter vacation and it's the day to sleep late. Just as he was about to go downstairs in the starry night, Jia Kai's door opened and he seemed to be going out in a sportswear. Apparently he didn't expect to get up so early in the starry night. He was stunned for a moment before he whispered, "Why don't you sleep more so early?" I can't sleep. I just want to go out for a walk. What about you? It looks like I'm going to do morning exercises. Starry night said as he went downstairs, followed by Jia Kai. Can't you sleep in a different place? "No, I don't recognize the bed. I'm just used to getting up early." "I can't see that you also have the habit of doing morning exercises." Jia Kai thought he had found a good friend. " Morning exercise? I don't have such a good habit. I have to get up early to light the stove, cook and clean. I have to do a lot of things in the morning. The starry night said naturally. Yu Jiakai was silent, but he still knew too little about her life. There was no one on the first floor, so they opened the door and went out directly. You just follow your usual habits. I'll take a walk around by myself. I'll go back by myself. Starry night doesn't want to cause him trouble because of his existence. It's foggy today. It's not suitable for big sports. I'll go for a walk with you. It is true that there is a thin layer of fog that has not yet dispersed, but isn't there some fog in the early morning of winter? It usually disperses with the rise of the sun. Since he said so,silk ficus tree, the starry night did not refuse, the two walked along the lakeside path, occasionally there would be early people out to exercise or take pets out for a walk.