The best servant

No wonder Old Xu got everything ready so quickly.". Xianer My father-in-law is really the best man in the world.


"My Lord, look-" Xu Zhen's hands trembled slightly, slowly untied the small package, and the faint brilliance rose. Everyone only felt a piece of fluorescent light in front of them. Look at the ground, my eyes are straight. It was a square piece of Jasper, the size of an adult's palm, surrounded by dark green, smooth and delicate texture. In the dim light , but suffused with a faint fluorescent light, there is hidden warmth. Above the Jasper However, the two golden dragons were lying together, with their heads looking back, their abdomens clinging to each other, and their tails tightly entwined together. The dragon's whiskers were stretched, its teeth and claws were bared, and its expression was powerful and vivid. As soon as Gu Bingyan heard this, he was still a little disdainful. When he saw this thing in Xu Zhen's hand, his face suddenly changed. "It's impossible,wire mesh decking," he murmured. "How could it be possible?" Lin Wanrong doesn't care whether he can or not. He has seen a lot of good jade. But I've never seen anything as rare as this. He was stunned for a long time. "What is this?!" He asked cautiously. Qin Xianer took the Jasper from Xu Zhen's hand with mixed feelings of sadness and joy on her face. Whispered : "This is the imperial seal of the founding of Dahua. On the eve of my father's landing at the base 20 years ago, this imperial seal was suddenly stolen. For 20 years, there has been no news. My father has been ashamed of it.". Unexpectedly, the imperial seal of Dahua was stolen by this ambitious thief. "The stolen imperial seal?" Lin Wanrong was so surprised that he covered his big mouth. This is too expensive. . Wait for me to touch a hundred times. You put it away again-Mr. Gu. What do you say Is this still a frame-up? Gu Bingyan did not seem to hear his words, look dementia, muttering to himself. With a look of disbelief on his face. . Chuan Guo Yu Xi Such a precious thing.. Not everyone can take out the land. Who has the courage to frame King Cheng? Lin Wanrong gave a deep sigh and said, "Oh,shuttle rack system, it's really amazing. The dragon robe, the golden crown, and the imperial seal can be killed for several lifetimes. But I didn't expect that they were all collected by Wang Ye alone. It's really unheard of and shocking.". Little brother, I have grown up so much. I've learned a lot today. General Xu You packed these up.. Present it to the emperor. Take credit for all the brothers. This cold world. It was not easy for everyone to give up their rest and go out on patrol. Hearing this, Xu Zhen sniggered, but he pretended to be serious and said, "I will obey you at the end!"! General, this Mr. Ku.. How to deal with it ?!” Glancing at Gu Bingyan, Lin Wanrong nodded and said, "Well, you know, I'm an honest man.". Let's handle it impartially. Give him to the court. How will the emperor deal with it? We'll leave it alone. The fire has been put out, warehousing storage solutions ,push back racking system, after this trouble, the palace has been burned 34%, maids and servants were all arrested. The former prosperous and bustling Chengwangfu Overnight, everything was in ruins and dilapidated. Xu Zhen left the troops down to put out the fire, then pressed Gu Bingyan and others to go. Gu Bingyan looked at Lin Wanrong before he left. , eyes flashed a trace of fierce awn: "Lin San.". Gu Mou will never let you go. . I'll see you at the Golden Palace !” It is better to miss each other than to meet each other! Brother Gu, let's go! Lin Wanrong grinned and waved his hand to see Xu Zhen escort him. Looking at the smoke curling up in front of her eyes, the wooden rafters with sparks, and the glazed bricks and tiles scattered everywhere, Qin Xianer suddenly looked gloomy, shook her head and sighed lightly: "How difficult it is to build this house?"? To destroy, but only overnight. Wealth and honor are like smoke and clouds. Once you wake up, you will be scattered with the wind. "Why are there these exclamations?!" Lin Wanrong smiled and held her little hand: "If there is destruction, there will be construction. This is the law of social change.". No one can disobey. .” With a hum, Xianer slowly buried her head on his shoulder and said faintly, "Xianggong.". Tell me about it Will our Lin family also have such a day of decline? Lin Wanrong Leng Leng, this question is too profound, people can not answer. "What are you afraid of?" He stole a kiss on Xianer's cheek. He didn't think much of it and said with a smile, "There are talented people in the Lin family, each of whom has been leading the way for hundreds of years. As long as you spread branches and leaves for my Lin family. . When the time comes, my Lin family will be transformed into thousands of clans. . There is always a boy who can inherit the style of his ancestors. Don't worry, don't worry! Qin Xianer smiled and kissed him on his lips. "Xianggong, Xianer likes to listen to you and be by your side.". Don't seem to feel sad. No wonder, Shifu, she- Sister Ann?! What's wrong with her?! Lin Wanrong was startled. "Nothing." The fairy spits out her little red tongue. Swallow the words back into his stomach. "Xianggong," he said with a giggle, "where did you find the dragon robe, the golden crown, and the imperial seal? You startled me! These are not simple things, which can be easily found?! "Oh, don't talk nonsense. This is not what I do." Lord Lin looked very serious and straightened his posture. Miss Qin smiled and said, "I hate it. You let Gao Qiu do a good deed. Do you think I don't understand?"! Let me ask you.. These three things. Where did you get it? "I really didn't do it." Lord Lin shrugged his shoulders innocently and spread out his hands. "These things were found by Xu Wei, and they were done by Gao Qiu. They have nothing to do with me. I don't know anything." Qin Xianer twisted him with a smile and said, "Mr. Xu is a good man. I think none of these three things is fake. If you don't have a few years of kung fu, you can't prepare for it. Has he been waiting for this day since many years ago?!" Lin Wanrong had a brainstorm. He suddenly patted his head and said with an enlightened smile, "I know. No wonder Old Xu got everything ready so quickly.". Xianer My father-in-law is really the best man in the world. Even a clever man like me has become his chess piece! "Did you just know?!" The fairy giggled and said, "Father, as the emperor of Dahua, if he has no means..". How can we govern the country and make it prosperous? ?” After the girl recognized her ancestors, she felt a lot more strongly about her father's approval. Lin Wanrong nodded and smiled, but heard the fairy sigh faintly: "What happened today,mobile racking systems, although it was a charge, it made his father and son escape.". I don't know how much trouble Dahua will have in the future. .” "Don't lose heart. King Cheng has been working hard for many years. If he is taken by us so easily, he will be too unbearable.". Besides ——”. Rong smiled mysteriously. His eyes could no longer hide their pride: "Who said they had escaped?!" Baidu search bubble book bar to read the latest and most complete novel/novel-txt paradise