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"Be good, it's getting late. You go upstairs to sleep first, and your mother will come to accompany you later.

Jane Youning understands Bao Lihui's character, knows that she does what she says, and relaxes, "I'm going to give Wenwen lessons." After speaking, she walked to the piano room in a familiar way. Bao Lihui looked at Jane Youning's slender figure, her heart gradually emerged a little gratitude, she knew that not everyone would be under pressure to remind. If it was a false alarm, everyone would be happy, but something really happened to Wenwen. Bao Lihui trembled all over and could not imagine such a result. When Xue Wenwen in the piano room saw Jane Youning, she grinned and rushed up, "Teacher Youning." She rubbed herself intimately against Jane Youning and said, "Mom locked me in the room and didn't let me go anywhere." Jane Youning knew that Bao Lihui was afraid that Wenwen would have an accident. She touched Xue Wenwen's head and led her to the piano to distract her attention. "Let's practice the music we taught you last week and see if our hands are raw in the past week." Xue Wenwen said coquettishly, "Teacher Youning will play for me first." Jane Youning did not refuse Xue Wenwen's request. They sat down next to each other and she began to play the song. Xue Wenwen was so young that she forgot her unhappiness in an instant. She stared at Jane Youning's fingers flying up and down, and finally listened with a smile. Xie Liuping is Wenwen's head teacher. From Happy Valley to the resort, she was very tired all the way, but every student she brought was either rich or noble, and she could not afford to offend anyone, so she could only do her best to serve these ancestors well. Many people envy her high-paying job, but who knows that once a student makes a little mistake, ten of her is not responsible enough. After settling all the students, Xie Liuping had time to catch her breath and drink water. Without a two-minute break, Xie Liuping took out her mobile phone,drive in racking system, clicked on the parents of the students, and uploaded the photos just taken one by one, indicating that the students had arrived at the resort safely. Just then, Xie Liuping received another message from Bao Lihui. Strange to say, Bao Lihui's children did not participate in this class activity, but today she seems to be bewitched, so she has to count the number of people every half an hour. Xie Liuping lies on the bed to beat the leg, the whole person is sleepy and astringent, to this proposal heart is to refuse. But thinking of Bao Lihui's abnormality,heavy duty cantilever racks, she gritted her teeth and got up from the bed again. Who told her to bring a group of little ancestors. Originally Xie Liuping was just a routine, but she never thought that under her eyes, she really lost a person, Zhou Zhou. Xie Liuping was immediately scared out of her wits. Without the courage to conceal this matter, Xie Liuping immediately called the police. After receiving the response from the police, Xie Liuping called the accompanying teachers to look for it together. The resort is surrounded by mountains and rivers, especially at night, when the mountains are dark. If something goes wrong, it's over. Not only is Zhou Zhou finished, but she is also finished. Thinking of this layer, Xie Liuping was almost frightened to cry out, but she still trembled to call Zhou Zhou's parents. Bao Lihui was restless all night, but looking at Jane Youning, who was watching animation with her daughter, she didn't know what to say. No news is good news. But when she relaxed, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the mobile phone on the table vibrated crazily, Bao Lihui glanced at the familiar call, her heart missed a beat, and the next second she pressed the answer button. Sister Bao, something big has happened. Zhou Zhou has disappeared. Xie Liuping's voice was full of tears and fear. When Bao Lihui heard this, her hand trembled and she almost didn't even hold her cell phone steady. She couldn't help glancing at Jane Youning, who had said to her, 'To a large extent, it belongs to unnatural death, such as car accidents and accidental injuries.' Once again in my mind, Bao Lihui's whole face was scared white. But when she saw Wenwen beside Jane Youning, Bao Lihui's face looked better again. Bao Lihui was shocked and did not say a word, but the silent silence made Xie Liuping even more flustered, and her cry became louder and louder, "Sister Bao, we usually have a good relationship, you can't let her die." "You've been reminding me since morning to count the number of students. Do you know what will happen?" Xie Liuping has long acquiesced in this point in her heart. After all, Bao Lihui was very cooperative with the class activities at the beginning, but the day before departure, she suddenly changed her mind and reminded her many times. If Bao Lihui knows nothing about this, then Xie Liuping doesn't believe it at all. Xie Liuping wanted to say something, but Bao Lihui cut off the phone directly. With a slight pallor on her lips, she looked helplessly at Jane Youning and trembled, "Youning, you're right. One of Wenwen's classmates is missing." At this moment, Bao Lihui's heart is full of hesitation. She was afraid that her daughter had not passed the disaster, did not know when she would leave unexpectedly, and worried about the classmate who had disappeared, after all, to some extent, the other party had blocked the disaster for her daughter. Xue Wenwen, with sharp ears, immediately interrupted and asked, "Mom, who's missing?" Only then did Bao Lihui realize that her daughter was still on the side and shook her head hurriedly. "You heard wrong. Your teacher Youning and I are talking about the role on TV." "Be good, it's getting late. You go upstairs to sleep first, and your mother will come to accompany you later." Xue Wenwen was brought up very well, knowing that the teacher and mother were going to start whispering, she shriveled her mouth and went upstairs cleverly. Before she left, she made a face at Jane Youning. After Xue Wenwen's figure disappeared at the stairway entrance, Jane Youning's face became extremely ugly. She wants to save Wenwen, but does not mean to sacrifice other children, in the heart of Jane Youning, their status is the same. The more anxious he was, the calmer his mind became. She desperately began to recall the details she had heard in her previous life. Perverted indecency, beaten black and blue, and finally dumped in the lake of the resort. The criminal was a middle-aged man in his forties, who met Wenwen by the lake because he had been drinking, and then he had evil intentions. Seeing that Jane Youning did not say a word, Bao Lihui hurriedly opened her mouth and said,warehouse storage racks, "It was Wenwen's head teacher who just called me. She decided what I knew. Youning, do you think you can think of a way to calculate where Zhou Zhou went?" "The child's whereabouts are unknown, and my heart is always uneasy." 。