Heroes and heroines

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And stay! An's family affairs how an childe do not know the details, but miss he know the details? Miss He still knows the plan, but Mr. An doesn't know the plan?

"It's just time to drink for fun," said the young master. "Why did you suddenly start complaining with such feelings?" Miss Ho shook her head and said, "That's not true.". My sister and I, a village girl and an orphan daughter, have received the great kindness of heaven and have come to this step of the field. If we want to sigh and complain again, it will be called "moaning without illness, enjoying without happiness". It's just that the two of us have become one woman. What kind of career can we set up? It's just to serve Weng Gu, help her husband, raise her children, support her family, and measure her salary. Only when these things are done well, can they live up to the sky. I came to see these days, now the family does not need two of my support, the salary does not need two of my material, and now I have no children to raise. The first thing is to serve my parents-in-law, and my sister and I can do it well. "I'm just worried about you. I can't help you, and my sister has something on her mind." Childe laughed and said, "Where did you say that?"? This is called "Boyu with halter-leading gentleman". Put such a magnanimous He Xiaoshi, a delicate scenery of Zhang Tongqing, but also afraid of not helping an Anlong matchmaker? I would like to ask you two how you can help me, and to what position you can help me before you are satisfied. "It's not modesty," said Miss Ho. "You and I don't need the word'modesty '. I think life is a dream bubble, stone fire and lightning. There is no need to go far. You and I, the three of us sitting here, have been together for a whole year since we first met at Nengren Temple last year and got together again at Qingyun Mountain. In this year, you and I have experienced many vicissitudes of life, and the sun and the moon have passed like falling flowers and flowing water. Like today's false marriage, I two serve you one,ceramic igniter electrodes, the first thing to help you in a Juren, at the meeting of a Jinshi, point Hanlin, first explained the scene of reading. As for the wealth and benefit after this, although there is life, it is difficult to make a reservation, 'as long as you get on the boat first, you will naturally arrive at the shore first.' You are a man who reads and understands. Don't you know that being an official is not for poverty, but sometimes for poverty; marrying is not for support, but sometimes for support? At that time,steatite c221, he won a high position and a high salary, so that you and I could make a good plan to support and honor our parents. Speaking of this, my order to insert golden flowers, drink Qionglin wine, and give a wife is unreasonable? Your first way is'vulgar ',' corrupt ',' ugly ', I would like to ask: how to be born is not vulgar, not corrupt, not ugly? Your opinion must be superior to others. How can the two of us help you with such a wonderful and superb method? When the Duke heard this, he raised his head and said with a dumb laugh, "Ah!"! Zai Zai! I only know that you two have such a big worry, so for these two things! In terms of fame, dare not deceive, Anlong media from the examination of Xiucai, has not been the second time, think that in the examination, in the Jinshi is not as difficult as climbing the sky. According to what my father taught me, I looked at the man Jinma and Buyutang as if he were picking up mustard. In terms of adoptive parents, ceramic bobbin heater ,Ceramic Band Heater, my family is not the family waiting for money and rice to feed their parents, only a few acres of thin fields around the manor, can be perfunctory to eat. What's more, his father still had no less than ten thousand gold from all the way back to Beijing from the Huai River, plus the item of Deng Weng the day before yesterday, which was a full forty thousand gold. Isn't it enough for parents to enjoy? Why do you think so far? Miss Ho said, "You regard the career of Jinma Yutang as so easy!"! No matter how much knowledge you have, you may not be as good as your father-in-law. If you only look at your father-in-law, you are an example. As for the family, when I lived there, I also heard my mother-in-law and aunt say that the land around the manor was the old enclosure of my family, and there was a lot of it that day. For a long time, there are those who have lost their way, and there are those who have concealed it. I heard that my father-in-law is not used to these things, and his family is not good at it. There are even people who have been stolen and sold by the head of the village. Now I'm afraid the remaining ones are less than one tenth. Sure enough, this little income is not worth the income. When I came over, I asked, ever since my father-in-law returned to Beijing, the number of people in the family has not been reduced, saving a penny of money, but now there are two people in my family, two sisters, two parents in my family, plus my Song Guan'er and three children in my mother's family. In front of me, for no reason, there are seven or eight people. As the saying goes: 'But add a bucket, not a mouthful. The days are not long, and after that there are only more people, how can they be born enough? As for the money you mentioned, my father-in-law went all the way back to Beijing to settle down at home, plus the two happy events of my sister and me, the cost can be imagined. There will be thirty or forty thousand silver, and how many years will it last? If you don't plan for it earlier, when the exhibition can't be opened, you'd better ask your father-in-law to make a plan to come out of the mountain again, and then go to work to support you and me? Or do you ask your mother-in-law to give up her salary and be embarrassed by the old rice? Miss Zhang said from the side, "Sister, you really think deeply and say it thoroughly."! People, big and small, are all the same, and probably most of them suffer from this disease. As he spoke, the childe listened and drank three more cups. And stay! An's family affairs how an childe do not know the details, but miss he know the details? Miss He still knows the plan, but Mr. An doesn't know the plan? Miss He is too smart to be so smart, and Mr. An is too smart to be so smart. How to say this? Lie Gong, its reason is very clear, people are easy to understand. Miss Ho has come from a difficult situation, and now she is in peace and not forgetting danger. She is determined to build up this family and establish a career. An Childe is since childhood pampered, "clothes to stretch out their hands, food to open their mouths", have you ever paid attention to how to make a living? When he suddenly pulled it out of his study, he went back and forth on the Huai River, but he only listened to some of the local conditions and customs of the city. What kind of mind and insight did he have? Back home, and chance step by step, the realm of calm day by day, he looked at that Wu Kezhai, Deng Jiugong this group of people, a group of thousands of people at every turn, it is easy to see the world. On that day, however,ceramic bobbin element, he was a godfather who refused to marry, and even saw the expression of the old couple in the prison of Huai Shang Dian, and the comment of admonishing Miss Zhang in his own boudoir. Wasn't he a good son who was innocent and sincere? Now why are you suddenly so frivolous and indulgent? This is also easy to understand. global-ceramics.com