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I still hope that you can give me a chance and believe me once.


It's good that you know, you have to understand. Dad, I will never hurt you. Lu Qiangdong put his hand on Lu Ziyan's shoulder. Then he patted it gently. Lu Ziyan pursed his lips lightly. "Dad, I was wrong this time.". It won't happen again. Lu Qiangdong saw that his son was as clever as he was when he was young, and the smile on his face was even stronger: "Red sandalwood, when you were very young, I had already chosen your wife." "What?" Lu Ziyan's face was full of surprise, "yes." Who is it? Who else could it be. It's just Yu Shan! Lu Qiangdong chuckled. "Don't tell me you don't know.". When you were young, you often took Shanshan's hand and said that you would marry her when you grew up! What's the matter? And now you want to go back on your word? "No.". Dad, I'm not.. Lu Ziyan eagerly looked at his father and explained, "Dad, you also said that it was when I was young.". How can you take it seriously if you don't know anything? Besides, Yu Shan and I have always been good friends! I regard her as my good friend. She also regards me as her good friend. Don't mess up. Otherwise, when the time comes, Yu Shan and I will be embarrassed. We can't even be friends. I have only one female friend. Don't lose it for me. Lu Qiangdong looked at Lu Ziyan with a smile: "You two are friends.". That's what you think, but Shanshan doesn't think so! "Why don't you think so? That's what she thinks. Dad, I tell you, I can be with anyone,endless swimming pool,jacuzzi manufacturers, but only Yu Shan can't. She's my best friend in my life. I don't want to lose her." Lu Ziyan looked at his father firmly. When Yu Shan outside the door heard Lu Ziyan's words, her face showed a sinister expression: "Ziyan, you regard me as a friend, but I want to be your wife!" After saying that, he turned off the recording function that had been turned on on the mobile phone in his hand and sneered: "Ruan Qiaoan should be sad to death after listening to the previous part!" After saying that, he turned and walked away. It is a lie to say that Lu Ziyan does not know Yu Shan's feelings for himself, but he has always treated that kind of feelings as a friend's feelings. He does not want to say these words in front of these two people,massage bathtub manufacturers,outdoor hot tub, because that will lead to two people are not good-looking. He also sincerely does not want to lose Yu Shan as a sincere friend. So now he looked at his father with a begging look: "Dad, I beg you, don't destroy my only friendship, OK?" Lu Qiangdong looked at his son seriously: "Ziyan, you should know why I want Yu Shan to be your wife, not because she is beautiful, not because she is sensible, there is a deeper meaning, don't you know?" "I.." Lu Ziyan was silent for a moment, "I know." "Now that you know, why do you say it?" Lu Qiangdong looked seriously at Lu Ziyan and asked. Lu Ziyan looked at his father, clenched his fist, and then slowly opened his mouth: "You let me and Yu Shan together,whirlpool bathtub, endless swimming pool ,endless swim pool, is for the strength of Shengyan Media, through their marriage, so as to consolidate the economic strength and status of our Moxing Group." Lu Qiangdong looked at his son and nodded with satisfaction: "I am the heir of the Lu family. I really have a unique vision. Ziyan, since you know why I have to do this, what about you?"? Should you also show your attitude? “……” Lu Ziyan was silent again, one side is his favorite person, one side is his father's efforts to support the family business, this choice question in front of him, he had to be silent. Lu Qiangdong also knew that this matter was not so easy to do, so he began to try to lobby Lu Ziyan: "Ziyan, you should also know the current economic situation. The market economy is good, so some small and medium-sized enterprises can also rise. Although our Mohang Group is now the leader, if it goes on in this form, Sooner or later, we will be annexed or eliminated by the present era. ” Lu Ziyan listened to his father's words, his face became more heavy, of course, he knew his father said these things, these days he has been thinking about this question, but did not think about the answer. Zi Yan, you are a young man who knows more than I do. You should have thought of what I said long ago! Is it right Lu Qiangdong looked at his son with certainty. Lu Ziyan nodded gently: "Dad, I know that I have not thought about what you said. You can rest assured that I will come up with a way to change the predicament that our Mohang Group is facing now. I still hope that you can give me a chance and believe me once. I don't need to rely on the strength of Shengyan Media to develop our Mohang Group more strongly." Lu Qiangdong saw that his son still did not agree, and his face was a little stern: "Can you change the predicament of our Moxing Group now?"? Zi Yan, you are young and have a big heart, which I appreciate, but I just look down on empty talk. "Dad, I'm not just talking, you." Lu Ziyan eagerly opened his mouth to explain, but before he had finished, Lu Qiangdong waved his hand at him and interrupted what he was going to say next. Since you say you are not empty talk, you can come up with a practical plan for me now, and I will believe you, and I will never interfere with your marriage from now on. Lu Ziyan would like to say that he can, but this time he really has not prepared a plan, let alone let him take it out now, is to give him another week, may not be able to come up with a practical plan. Lu Qiangdong sneered, "What's the matter?"? Can't? If not, you listen to me and marry Yu Shan obediently. It's not that I look down on you, but that in this case, the only solution is to join forces. "I.." Lu Ziyan's face showed a painful expression,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, and now he was very upset, annoyed at his own incompetence, annoyed at his inability to refute.