Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian

There is no doubt that what was swallowed by the meal was the Guangchengzi who was killed by the medicine man's bald head.


Completely ignoring Guang Chengzi's threatening words, the medicine man's bald head waved his hand, and he had already brought the big medicine pestle to the palm of his hand, and his magic power came out and poured into the medicine pestle. Under the support of the magic power of several pharmacists, Mi Tou Zhunben Xiuwei, the medicine pestle is Bao Shi in ancient times. It turned into hundreds of feet in length, and then with a wave of the big hand of the medicine man's bald head, he went straight to Guangchengzi to smash it. In the face of the full state of the medicine man's bald head, the gap in this level is once again clearly highlighted. Before the pestle arrived, Guang Chengzi felt that his body was so stiff that he could no longer move. However, it turned out that if the bald head had practiced the method of space blockade with the cultivation of the quasi-saint, it would have firmly locked the hundreds of feet of space around Guangchengzi. Then, before Guang Chengzi could make a struggle, the pestle, with the power of tearing mountains and cracking mountains, swept across Guang Chengzi's side. Under the huge force of the pestle, the space blockade disintegrates in an instant, and Guangchengzi himself. Also like an elephant mercilessly lifted a foot of the ball, "whoosh, the small one flew out, and in an instant, it flew thousands of miles away, even with the eyesight of the medicine man's bald head, it could only see a small dark spot.". Although the transformation is crazy, the mana has only increased by more than ten times, for the opponents of the same level. This degree of change may be enormous. However, for a Jinxian like Guangchengzi, it was only barely a step up,outdoor whirlpool tub, and it was still far from reaching the point of thirty days, not to mention the thirty-four days of cultivation compared with the medicine man's bald head. As a result, tragically, Guang Chengzi was beaten by the medicine man's bald head, so that all the bones of his body were smashed, his brains burst, and his body turned into a lump of meat mud. Even the primordial spirit who knew the sea was completely scattered, and he could not die any more. However, this is not the end of Guangchengzi's tragedy. Because the direction in which Guang Chengzi was hit was obliquely upward. And at this time, the day dagger a group of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals,hot tub manufacturers, is menacing, mighty toward the direction of the song city to kill. This batch of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals were naturally sent by the Jade Emperor Haotian, the Lord of Heaven, to support the reactionary cause of Xiqi, and by the way, to rescue the Tianpeng General Bianzhuang. However, due to some reasons for the delay, these demons came a little late, it seems that they can only catch up with Bianzhuang big boar and Ji Fa that inverted egg to collect the body. Although they came out late. But this situation, or quite strong drops! Not only sent a whole hundred thousand heavenly soldiers to boost the momentum. There are also several elite cadres. Among them, a leading general, the leading pig body, also has a body of fine scales. This demon is not someone else, it is the illegitimate son of the legendary old rascal of the candle dragon and a sow. Behind the meal, there is a small nine-headed tiger demon, a bull demon with wings, and another. The headless Firebird, these three demons are not the other little ones, but the prayer, 4 person jacuzzi ,hot tub spa manufacturers, the poverty and the chaos. In addition to the meal itself, they are the four great demon kings of the post-natal Five Clans era. Also do not know how this stupid meal and Haotian small child labor said, unexpectedly provoked Haotian small child labor almost in one fell swoop to move out of the strength of more than half. At this moment, the four demon kings get together again, it can be said to be aggressive, lewd, at least, in the view of the leading meal demon king, with such a situation of their own, as long as they do not meet the mixed sage, sweeping the flood and famine world, there should be no problem. Just as Qin Meal was holding out his chest and showing off his power, an unknown object in front of him, at a speed comparable to the speed of light, went straight to the top of his head. Even with the cultivation of the meal that is infinitely close to the thirty-four heaven, there is no time to make evasive action, just subconsciously so a mouth. Then, the unknown object slipped into the stomach of the meal through the throat of the water tank. Hiss. Meal shrugged his nose. He made a quick judgment and said, "It's bloody, it should be a piece of meat!" At the same time, the super stomach of the meal quickly wriggled and began to corrode and digest the unknown mass. Well, it's warm, and it seems that the meat should be fresh! Meal further confirmed. Worthy of being born to eat, the food has just entered the stomach, has been digested by the meal half, immediately, a majestic warm current instantly flowed over the whole body of the meal. Then, the meal that more than a thousand years have not made much progress for the cultivation, seems to have a little bit of growth, vaguely, it seems that the meal demon king has once again touched the seemingly unreachable, but within reach of the threshold of the quasi-saint. After a while, the demon king had already digested the blood food that had inexplicably flown into his stomach, and at the same time, the meal finally knew the whole story. Guang Chengzi, Zoroastrianism, Yuqing Fa Jue! Luck! Now, this demon wife can be expected to be a saint! It turns out that this meal is not just as simple as being able to eat in general. In fact, the piano meal also has a natural magical power, devour! Well, actually, devouring isn't exactly the right word. Because the magical power of the meal can only be aimed at the living body! To be exact, it should be called blood-sucking and soul-eating! Specifically, Meal Meal can get the information of the living creature from the living creature eaten by himself. Even if the living creature has been scared out of his wits, Qin Meal can also interpret the information of his life from his flesh and blood. There is no doubt that what was swallowed by the meal was the Guangchengzi who was killed by the medicine man's bald head. Although Guang Chengzi had lost his soul, he still knew the general situation by virtue of his talent and power, and also got a Yuqing formula out of thin air. However. It is precisely because of this, to the meal meal himself, as well as heaven, brought a great disaster. [..] Vertical and horizontal book sea, words, big and beautiful, protect your eyes. [Chapter 498 The Choice of the Old Man Burning the Lamp] Vertically and horizontally book sea, characters, big and good-looking, protect your eyes. Second stroke, strike the bell. Jin Xian Guang Chengwu was killed by the medicine man. Then he said that the dragon pig hybrid meal and the belt meat were eaten clean, which completely angered one person, that is, the leader of the interpretation religion,garden jacuzzi tub, the sage of Yuqing, a generation of pseudo-Niang, and yuanshi Tianzun.