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Wu Daxing has already regarded her as a friend. But at the moment, she did not feel very happy because of this


Mo Feifan: [I'm here to help you with the cushion. Don't worry. Take your time.] Mo Feifan: [In addition, Wu Hua asked me to thank you for him.] Tao Ying couldn't help smiling and replied at the same time: [Be kind to others is to be kind to yourself. You help me and thank Wu Daxing. Thank him for giving priority to extraordinary investment.] Mo Feifan: [… … All right Tao Ying: [Another thing, I hope Mr. Wu Hua can help.] Mo Feifan: [What is it?] Tao Ying: [I want Big Star Wu to help arrange for Ye Ling to sing the theme song of Super Hero, including English version, Chinese version and other versions.] …… After Tao Ying's text message was sent out, Mo Feifan did not reply to her immediately. Tao Ying was a little nervous and quickly added another one: "As long as they are willing to give the theme song to Ye Ling, I can convince Lu Jiayi not to accept payment, and Ye Ling can not only sing, he can also be responsible for the lyrics and music of the theme song." After her message was sent out, Mo Feifan finally had a reaction. But he texted back: "You're thinking of him all the time." Tao Ying looked at the news, some do not know how to answer. But Mo Feifan didn't ask her to reply. Soon, he sent another message. Mo Feifan: [Wu Hua asked me to tell you that after he said hello to the film side, he would communicate with you by text or phone.] Tao Ying: [OK,Walking measuring wheel, thank you, Mr. Mo.] Mo Feifan: [Is there anything else? If not, I'll be busy first. Tao Ying: [There is something, but don't worry. Mr. Mo can call me when he is ready.] Mo Feifan: [OK, I'll call you later.] . After finishing the short message communication with Mo Feifan,Diameter tape measure, Tao Ying quickly finished her dinner, and quickly cleaned up the table and washed the dishes. Having done all this, she ran to her room on the third floor and opened her safe. The things I told Mo Feifan before that I wanted to invest all my money were not just words. If there is such a long-term and reliable iron rice bowl, of course, she must firmly hold on to it. Tao Ying turned out all her property certificates and bank passbooks, and after confirming them one by one, she called the real estate agent who had kept in touch with her before, explaining her decision to return the lease and sell the house. As soon as the real estate agent's phone hung up, Tao Ying turned on the computer in her study, fish measuring tape ,Fiberglass tape measure, and Wu Hua's short message seamlessly docked into her mobile phone. Then, Tao Ying is studying house price on the net again, chatted a thing with Wu Hua at the same time. Wu Hua: [I just talked to their director, and the director said that if Ye Ling can really sing the theme song for free, they can give Ye Ling an interview.] Tao Ying: [… Can only get an interview?] Wu Hua: [If special did not agree to inject capital, 'free' these two words still have some of temptation to them perhaps, but But now they are not short of funds, so they do not want'free '? Together with her and Mo Feifan's investment, it also indirectly led to Ye Ling's loss of this opportunity? Wu Hua: In fact, if you think about it from another angle, their strictness is also right. This at least proves that these creators have a high demand for this film, so that the things they make will be excellent, so that you will be more likely to make money in the future. Do you think this is the reason? Tao Ying: [… Alright Tao Ying: Do you have to go abroad for the interview? Can you invite them to China? Wu Hua: [I know Ye Ling's schedule is very tight, so I have asked for you in advance.] Wu Hua: [But the answer they gave was that they were all very busy. If Ye Ling was really interested in the film, he would have to come to M country with the theme song demo.] Not only do you have to go to M country in person, but also prepare the song demo in advance? This requirement is really not generally high. Tao Ying looked at the message from Wu Hua and suddenly felt that she didn't know whether she should be happy or not. She really hoped that the film she was interested in was completed under high requirements, but at the same time she did not want Ye Ling to be so tormented. With a long sigh, Tao Ying replied: [OK, I see. Thank you.] Wu Hua: [I don't deserve your'thank you '. In fact, I didn't help much. Instead, you and Feifan helped my friend a lot.] Tao Ying: [If Wu Daxing really wants to thank me, then please help me pay more attention to Ye Ling.] Wu Hua: [Well, I will knock the edge for you later. After all, Ye Ling is really excellent.] Tao Ying: [Then I will give you a reply after I communicate with General Manager Lu of Lu's Entertainment.] Wu Hua: [OK, feel free to contact me when you have the results.] …… You can contact him at any time if you have the results? It seems that after this incident, Wu Daxing has already regarded her as a friend. But at the moment, she did not feel very happy because of this. So what if we're friends? Wu Hua can't make a direct decision on this matter ~! Tao Ying sighed and opened her QQ. Her mobile phone had to wait for Mo's special call, so she could only use QQ to talk about things with Lu Jiayi, who happened to be online at this time. Ying: [Are you there?] Ying: [There's something I want to talk to you about.] Yi: [Busy, speak quickly.] Ying:[……] Ying: [Can Ye Ling have a schedule of three to four days next? I want him to fly to M country for an interview. Yi: [What interview? If it's really important,horse weight tape, I can ask kk to adjust it for him. Ying: [Interview for the theme song of a movie. If successful, it will be the first shot for Ye Ling to go international.] Yi: [Which film was directed by which director in My Lai House?] Ying: [Don't ask about the details. Anyway, you just need to know that the film will be a hit.] Yi:[…… How can I listen so unreliably? 。