Fa Xiang Xian Tu

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Then, it roared all over the sky. It seemed that there was infinite sword gas destroying everything.

Not only at the same time out of two, but also let the two reaction to come over the middle period of the friar in which fierce struggle, spiritual bombardment, still do not disperse, as if unconsciously flew to the front of Zhang Fan. The big catch is good at dispersing, flapping ears and white feather fans fall from the air at the same time, and without waiting for them to react, countless gold wires fill the whole field of vision. The golden light flashed, and when it appeared again, there were two golden mummies in front of us, only two faces were exposed. Guys, introduce yourself. "I am Zhang Fan, the master of the semi-idle hall." All right, now it's your turn. Can you tell me who sent you? Zhang Fan, with a gentle smile on his face, asked gently as if he were talking with a friend. Bah! "You don't want to be old." Despite his funny appearance, he was still a fierce man. As soon as Zhang Fan's voice fell, he spat out and opened his mouth to scold, but as soon as he said it, he stopped abruptly like a duck strangled by the neck. Poof! With a sound, the scarlet of the sky was mixed with a little snow-white, which splashed like a torrent from the gap of the gold wire and turned into a rainstorm all over the sky, all of which were sprinkled on the body of the white feather fan. Ah! Ah As if unable to control himself, the white feather fan suddenly began to wail hysterically. Even the immortal cultivator, unless he climbs out of the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, suddenly his body, face and mouth are covered with a mixture of blood and brains, and their owner is his brother who was alive and kicking before he breathed, which must be what he looks like now. The gentle smile on Zhang Fan's face remained unchanged. "Can you tell me who sent you?" He asked repeatedly. "I said, I said!" Even a snap of the time did not dare to delay, white feather fan is almost with the attitude of robbery, at this time in his eyes, the most terrible thing in the world is the gentle smile on Zhang Fan's face,metal racking systems, as well as holding in the hands of a pumping gold wire. Without hesitation, without hesitation, the names of the shops burst out quickly from the mouth of the white feather fan. Very good "You can rest." Zhang Fan finished turning around, behind a white soft ground. When he stepped forward, he suddenly said, "Li Fugui, come out!" "Yes, boss, the little one is here!" As soon as Zhang Fan had finished speaking, Li Fugui came out of a shadow not far away. He glanced at the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he straightened his back and said, "Boss, where is the enemy?" "You said the little ones had solved it for you." Zhang Fan did not have the strength to say him, waved his hand and said: "Call your brother, clean up this, tomorrow I want to restore everything to its original state." "Did you hear that?" "Give it all to the small ones, and it will be all right." Hearing that it was such a trivial matter, Li Fugui immediately clapped his chest and agreed to come down, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and then asked: "Boss, do we want to.." Before he had finished speaking, he was stared back by Zhang Fan: What's the hurry? It's not too late to catch the snakes when they come out of their holes! PS: Three more chapters ~ followed by two chapters ~ Chapter 329 if this is the case, return it to him. It is another day when the divine fire of Tongtian is ignited. Countless residents living nearby went to the street sleepily. While they were busy with their own affairs, they did not forget to gaze at the location of the semi-idle hall with strange eyes. The noise and roar of last night's night spread all over the street, and everyone in the neighborhood heard it. The people who lived in this heavy city had seen the world, thought with their toes, and roughly understood what had happened, but they just swept the snow in front of their own doors and dared not look at it. The next morning, they would not have been surprised to see the ruins all over the place, but the semi-idle hall in front of them seemed to be normal, [www.wrshu.com] as if nothing had happened, open as usual, the flow of people is still moving, business is also booming. Occasionally, sharp-eyed people can still see a wall of the semi-idle hall, the color seems to be slightly different from the surrounding, in addition, there is nothing unusual. One person may be dreaming. What about two or three? Now they don't understand where they are. It must be the people in the semi-idle hall who have the upper hand. In the future, the offenders will be solved without any loss. That's great! This kind of commercial strife, naturally there will be no possibility of staying, half idle hall can be so, its strength can be seen. The original status of the semi-idle hall in their minds, that is, the business is booming and the refining is superb, but now with the addition of extraordinary strength, this is completely different, as if the finishing touch, the whole image suddenly became clear. In the eyes of the crowd, either surprised or awed, the half-idle hall was like a leisurely old man fishing, without the slightest movement, so that the day passed in an ordinary way. On the evening of the second day, the residents nearby woke up from their sleep again. With the experience of last night, they reacted at the first time and listened attentively to the movement in the direction of the semi-idle hall. The sound of roaring and shaking this time was stronger and more lasting than that of yesterday. First, it was like a volcanic eruption, with a sharp blade breaking through the air. Then, it roared all over the sky. It seemed that there was infinite sword gas destroying everything. Finally, the thunder exploded like the roar of an ancient monster, suddenly bursting out with momentum. As if to overturn the whole street to the sky, all the people who heard about it turned pale. At last, after about a quarter of an hour, all was silent again. Those who were bold and close took advantage of the darkness to lie on the window and look down, only to see that in the darkness, the half-idle hall stood leisurely and motionless, as if the previous violent struggle of terror had not taken place in its body. Under the dark silence and preconceived ideas, looking at it again at this time, the ordinary building suddenly gives birth to a fierce feeling like choosing people to bite. On the third day, the semi-idle hall was open as usual, as if nothing had happened. This time again, the residents nearby did not have too many unexpected feelings, but their eyes became more and more awed, and when they passed by, their footsteps could not help but lighten down,asrs warehouse, and at the same time, they had a vague feeling of expectation for what might happen in the evening. Sure enough. As soon as night fell, the roar began again. kingmoreracking.com