Fa Xiang Xian Tu

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With a roar, a huge dark shadow shrouded the skyscraper cliff. Golden back ROC, real body!

Not only was he, but when Long Fuhai showed that the three dragon souls were not enough, the rest of the people not only did not mean to lose, but laughed one by one, and the laughter was like schadenfreude, and like going to do bad things. Among the crowd, only Xingjun Xi Ce and Zhang Fan were confused. The five demons laughed the most wildly. Although Xingzun had his own identity, he was not as presumptuous as those demon kings. But there was a strange smile on his face. After laughing enough, Shu Tun explained the matter roughly to Zhang Fan and Xing Jun Xi Ce. As Shu Tuntian said that day, the reason why they were able to enter the floating island of Xingtian was mainly because of the protection of the old dragon. Of course, it was impossible for the older generation of purple jade dragons to roll them up in their bodies, not to mention whether they were willing or not. Even if they were willing, the old dragons actually did not have the ability to resist with their bodies. If they were replaced by the older generation of Great Wilderness Demon Kings who fell into the hands of the Blood Dragon more than a thousand years ago, it would be almost the same. What the old dragon relies on is actually an array inherited from their purple jade dragon clan. Ten Dragons Array! With the power of the dragon soul of the ten dragons, gather the true body of the ten dragons, and form a large array of ten dragons to resist the remaining power of the ban on the stars. This magical power is the inherited magical power of the Jiaolong clan. The higher the person who uses it, the more powerful the dragon soul he uses, and the higher his power. But in this world, where to get the dragon soul? Is to get the real dragon soul, not to mention the dragon overturning the sea of his father, is to tie their purple jade dragon family all into one piece, but also how it can not. Fortunately, in this world, there is no shortage of opportunistic ways. In a sea area hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Great Desert Island,push back racking system, there is an archipelago named Shenlong Island. There is nothing special about this Shenlong Island, and the aura is not very full, and there is no production, so there should be no use. However, this island group has a special feature. That is, the human beings born on the Shenlong Island Group, whether they have spiritual roots or not, all have a very small possibility of being born with a spiritual mutation,radio shuttle racking, which is the three dragon souls just shown by the dragon covering the sea. No one knows the specific reason. I want to come there as a part of the Archaic Dragon Vein, which has influenced me so far. These are not important, the important thing is that the immortals on the Shenlong Islands, after many years of development. Instead, we have developed some magical powers based on the ability of the dragon soul to practice and display, so as to give full play to the power of the mutant spirit, which is also a unique way to walk out of a new path. Now, Shu Tuntian, their meaning is clearly to let the dragon cover the sea, learn from his father to display the ten dragon array, escort everyone in, the most important thing is to go to Shenlong Island, find those clans and get seven dragon souls. Haha, the pig that has been raised for so long can finally be killed. After a rough explanation, Shu Tun Tian laughed loudly. Raising pigs? Kill a pig? After listening to his statement, Zhang Fan could not help smiling. Although I don't know how the Dragon Island clan uses the Dragon Soul, but this thing is obviously their unique treasure, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, not cabbage, naturally it is impossible for them to take it away casually, look at the meaning of these Great Wilderness Demon Kings, it is clear that they are going to rob. Hey, I've been raising them for more than a hundred years. After the old man died, we Ziyu Jiaolong clan never robbed them again. I'm not used to it. Long Fuhai rubbed his hands and said, looking at his tone, it was clear that the Ziyu Jiaolong clan had robbed Shenlong Island, and it had become a habit of robbing each other, completely raising each other as pigs. As long as seven, the Dragon Islands just have seven gates, one is just right, we have eight people here, this is not easy to divide ah! As soon as Shu Tuntian scratched his head and said a word, he was interrupted by Li Peng: "What's wrong with dividing? Just leave one to look after the house. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go!" To this "slaughter pig" thing, Li Peng seems to be a very high nature of the appearance, even the consumption of non-stop winding water flowing cup have no time to heartache, excitedly said. Not easy to divide? As soon as he heard this statement, Zhang Fan knew that the pig was not killed casually, and there seemed to be a bit of a contest. As soon as he finished thinking, he heard a muffled voice saying, "You go, I'll look after the house." Looking back, I saw the nine-sun fire toad toad, one of the five demons, lying on the table without any image at all. The posture of lying down alone was a typical toad appearance. All right, that's a deal. Shu Tun day also do not say much, immediately clappers. Then a strange smile appeared on his face and he said, "Old Peng, come on!" "Me again?" Before Zhang Fan understood the meaning of Shu Tun Tian, he heard Li Peng cry out and hit the sky. Not who you are, we in addition to the peacock who can not compare with your speed, hundreds of thousands of miles of sea, you let us climb over ah! Shu Tun said confidently. Peacock? Kong Feng? Let the proud wind and fire peacock give them a few as mounts to fly over? That's no easier than killing him. Come on, come on! Li Peng, who had been together for many years, understood this point. He didn't even look at the silent Kong Feng. With a roar, a huge dark shadow shrouded the skyscraper cliff. Golden back ROC, real body! PS: Second watch ~ Chapter 587 the ROC rises with the wind, the dragon seven islands. On the skyscraper cliff, it suddenly became dark. A huge figure blocking the sun, shrouded in the cliff, like a dark cloud covering the top, a moment of darkness. The golden-backed ROC is a powerful demon bird in ancient times. It is said that they have the blood of the ancient demon God golden-winged ROC, which is not known for a long time. However, the speed of the golden-backed ROC is indeed the best for a time. From this point of view, the legend is not entirely groundless. At this time, the real body appeared. The golden-backed ROC, which covered the whole skyscraper cliff, had a huge body. A single wing was tens of feet in size. If it stirred slightly, it would be a terrible wind. If it shook its body slightly, it would be like the collapse of a mountain and earth-shaking power. Come on up! At this time. A slightly rich voice came from the sky,heavy duty cantilever racks, shaking in the air, bringing out the echo of the sound. Ha ha, go! 。 kingmoreracking.com