Peach blossom ring

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replaced her strict master, and the harsh training ground turned into an ambiguous boudoir..

Wang Bo didn't expect Zhao Xiaotong to come out like this. He couldn't help exclaiming when he was defenseless. Without waiting for Shen Wenwen to ask, he quickly explained: "It's all right. I got up and poured water to drink. I knocked it on the corner of the table." Shen Wenwen smiled and said angrily, "Be careful!" "Oh!" As soon as Zhao Xiaotong moved, Wang Bo's word "oh" inevitably lengthened his tone. Zhao Xiaotong giggled, raised his thumb at him, and moved in a hurry. This time, Wang Bo tightened his mouth and dared not make any sound any more. Wang Bo, you are so strange today! Shen Wenwen said. Nothing Wang Bo gave a dry laugh and stared helplessly at the proud little fox. He simply reached out and grabbed her 36d and made it hard. Strange to say, after taking the initiative, Wang Bo's voice suddenly calmed down. He glanced at Zhao Xiaotong proudly and asked, "Wenwen, when will you come back?" Now, it was Zhao Xiaotong's turn to make a sound, but she was so depressed that she dared not make a sound. She bit her lips tightly, and her face was so red that she seemed to be bleeding. However, in order to retaliate against Wang Bo, her movements became more and more swift. Neither of them showed weakness, so they got up. A silent hand-to-hand combat was launched in the clear voice of Wang Bo's pronunciation, which was particularly exciting. I haven't decided yet! Shen Wenwen sighed, "Dad died, leaving behind such a big mess of things, but also involved in inheritance disputes, if not for my sister, I really do not know how to deal with it!"! Dad's funeral was just held the day before yesterday, and my sister suspected the cause of his death, which was covered up by me. I didn't tell her that we had a problem with dad. "Well!" Wang Bo's heart moved,automated warehouse systems, suddenly remembered the magical pendant, if you want to revive Jenny, it is inevitable that Shen Wencheng will revive, then? It's trouble again! He gave a wry smile. "Wenwen, ask you a question?" "Ask!" Shen Wenwen whispered. If! Wang Bogan laughed, sat up with a straight waist, and put his face to Zhao Xiaotong's face. He put his cell phone on his shoulder, hugged the little fox, raised his eyebrows at her,industrial racking systems, and said, "I mean, if your father came back to life, what would you do?" When he finished, he covered the microphone and took a few quick breaths. Wang Bo found that in this case, his thinking was particularly clear. Perhaps, in the case of too late to think, it can highlight the level of wisdom of a person's subconscious! Zhao Xiaotong has some slight asthma, angry in Wang Bo's shoulder mercilessly bit down. A sharp pain, Wang Bo opened his mouth, or did not shout out, he lowered his waist, holding Zhao Xiaotong's waist and pressed her on the bed, re-seized the upper position. The other end of the phone. Shen Wenwen was silent for a long time before she said with a wry smile, "How could it be?"? I've seen Dad's body, and it won't come back to life at all! Wang Bo sprinted a few times and asked, "What if?" Shen Wenwen was silent and sighed: "I don't know either!" Wang Bo's body suddenly stopped, did not expect to get such an answer, shuttle rack system ,teardrop pallet racking, but ask yourself, this matter will fall on him, he did not know how to do it! Under the body, Zhao Xiaotong two cheeks mellow red, angry rise of the mouth, desperately twist up. Wang Bo, can you say something else? Shen Wenwen sighed softly, "I don't want to mention him!" "Good." Wang Bo chuckled, not knowing whether it was because of Shen Wenwen or Zhao Xiaotong. Tonight turns out to be particularly exciting. Outside the window. Xiang Liu and Chang Qing listened to the conversation in the room and looked at each other with an unknown expression. Xiang Liu: No! Just once, Wang Bo won't be so unlucky! Bi Hongyi: "Perhaps, he is this ability!" The two men looked at each other, but they could not resist curiosity. At the same time, they turned over to the balcony and looked in. At a glance, both of them were dumbfounded. In the dim light of night, the two people in the room were clean and maintained a very strange posture that people would see at a glance. The strangest thing is that Wang Bo is still making a phone call calmly. The two monsters had good eyesight, and even though the light was not enough, they could almost see all the hairs on their bodies in the room. Bi Hongyi's face suddenly turned red to the root of his neck, and he had the intention to leave, but his footsteps seemed to be fixed there, and he could not move. Throughout the willow, the eyes are not blinking. Careful observation, it can also be seen that her calm chest actually has a little ups and downs. My mind is also a little confused. Wang Bo is still free and excited to call, he did not even notice, I do not know when, from Zhao Xiaotong's body emitted a strong fragrance, almost filled the surrounding space, but also through the window cracks, door cracks, diffused out. Zhao Xiaotong also did not notice, she completely fell into the pleasure of happiness, she never thought, to do this is actually such a wonderful thing. Qian Qian, in her sleep, turned around in a daze, the tip of her nose suddenly filled with a faint fragrance, and then, her dream suddenly changed, gentle and refined Wang Bo rushed in, replaced her strict master, and the harsh training ground turned into an ambiguous boudoir.. Natasha had not slept yet, and she had just reported to the Vatican headquarters about Nezha's recent situation and Wang Bo's various messages. After eliminating the call record, she was ready to rest, but the tip of her nose shrugged, the fragrance rushed in, her mind inexplicably appeared Wang Bo, and her body began to burn slightly, her mind could not help but add elements of fantasy, bringing herself into it. Natasha's expression was so calm that she sat up and fought against the desire from the bottom of her heart. In a moment, a fine layer of sweat appeared on her body, and her breathing became unstable. Fragrant, Li Ying dreamed of the wedding night, Wang Bo stirred up her red veil. After peeping through Wang Bo's whereabouts, Lu Jialin tossed and turned, thinking about whether to accompany Wang Bo or not, but when the fragrance arrived, he suddenly frowned, his face was hot,warehouse storage racks, and he jumped down from the bed. When he reached the door, he thought a little, then went back and turned down from the window..