The strongest gas refining period in history

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Today, almost all the top figures of the family and clan are present. Is likely to be a pot end! This is over!

"Or wait for the support of the upper martial arts association?" It was quiet off the court, and everyone's expression was dignified. Everyone can express their views, and we finally decide how to deal with it by voting. Han Tianci said in a deep voice. …… I think we have to do it. I have just received information that even the guild hall of the Huaibei Martial Arts Association has been captured by the immortal creatures. Now I don't know how the upper martial arts association will react. If we don't take the initiative, the immortal creatures will come to us soon. The speaker was Guo Ren, the head of the Guo family. I agree with Guo Jiazhu's point of view, we really have no choice, we must act! If we wait any longer, the immortal creatures will defeat us one by one, and then we will. Huang Zhengrong, the head of the Huang family, echoed. Yes, as far as the immortals are concerned, they are very ambitious. It is impossible for us to be alone in this situation. We must unite to attack! Jiang Tianlong, the head of the Jiang family, also said. The views of these three people aroused the support of many people present. In these days, they have more or less seen or heard of the cruelty of the immortal creatures,rotary vacuum disc filters, and can no longer sit still. In just one day, the immortal clan captured the martial arts associations at all levels in Huaibei. Soon, it will be the turn of these martial arts families! "I don't really agree with that." Suddenly, someone opened his mouth. The speaker was Liang Xueshan, the elder of the Liang family. The Liang family has always been ranked in the top five among the martial arts families in Huaibei, second only to Zheng, Chen and Han. Now the Zheng and Chen families are no longer brilliant,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and the Liang family is the second family, and the weight of their words is not low. I have heard of the power of the immortal creatures. It is said that a warrior of Wuzunjing can't pass two rounds in their hands. Liang Xueshan said, "If we unite to take the initiative, we may not be able to cause too much damage to them.". On the other hand, if we are not against each other, the situation will be quite critical. "But if we don't do it, the result will only be worse!"! They will come sooner or later! Guo Ren retorted, "Besides, the strong man who can kill Wu Zunjing with one blow is absolutely a minority in the immortal clan!"! The top warrior among us must be able to match it! "Yes, I don't believe that a new ethnic group will be so much better than us!" Huang Zhengrong said. Whether it is strong or not depends not on what you think, but on the actual situation. Liang Xueshan said slowly, multi disc screw press ,wall penstocks, "If the immortal people are not strong, do you think the Martial Arts Association will be captured so soon?"? Or do you think the Martial Arts Association is very weak? As soon as this sentence came out, many people's faces changed. Indeed, if the immortals were not so strong, how could the Martial Arts Association fall so quickly? The strength of the Martial Arts Association, even if these families are United, can not be confronted. But it took only one day for the immortal clan to occupy all the martial arts associations in Huaibei. But even if the other side is strong, we still have to attack! Delay until the upper martial arts association sends someone to support, otherwise we still. Guo Ren was livid and said. No, we can choose another way. Liang Xueshan said. How Han Tianci on the high platform asked. Liang Xueshan turned around and looked at Han Tianci. He said slowly, "We don't have to be enemies of the immortals. We can compromise temporarily and avoid a direct conflict.". When support arrives, we will fight back. I think this is the best way to deal with it at present. Han Tianci narrowed his eyes and said, "Do you think the Immortals will negotiate with us and accept our compromise?" With a smile on his face, Liang Xueshan said, "Of course, they just want to command Huaibei. There's no need to kill all of us.". And we, these people, are of great help to them. Han Tianci looked at the slightly strange smile on Liang Xueshan's face and felt something was wrong. In fact, I've invited three of the immortals to join us for today's discussion. The smile on Liang Xueshan's face was more brilliant, and there was a faint red awn in his eyes. Bang! As soon as the voice fell, the door behind the banquet hall was suddenly pushed open. Three figures walked into the banquet hall. Wearing black cloaks, they are different from most of the strange immortal creatures in human form, but they are nearly three meters tall. But their limbs and faces are still monsters, only bones, not flesh and blood. In the two dark eye sockets, there are only two red flashes, reflecting their vitality. They walked into the banquet hall with a strong cold breath and a great pressure. Seeing the three humanoid monsters approaching, many people in the banquet hall looked frightened and retreated. Elder Liang, what do you mean? Our discussion today.. Huang Zhengrong looked ugly and asked questions. Bang! Before he had finished speaking, Liang Xueshan clapped his hand and blasted it out. Huang Zhengrong fell to the ground more than 20 meters away, rolled several times before he stopped and passed out. All the people present were representatives of various families and clans, and no one was a fool. Seeing this scene, they all knew very well that Liang Xueshan had defected! He went over to the Immortals! Today, almost all the top figures of the family and clan are present. Is likely to be a pot end! This is over! After seeing Liang Xueshan attack Huang Zhengrong, many people's hearts sank to the bottom of the valley. On the high platform, Han Tianci's face was livid and he looked at Liang Xueshan with anger in his eyes. The three adults are almost all here. "Liang Xueshan bowed respectfully to the three humanoid monsters coming." Good job. The leading humanoid monster opened his mouth and made a rich sound. My Lord, I'm flattered. Liang Xueshan said almost obsequiously and stepped aside. We are here today for only one thing. Said the leading humanoid monster, scanning the room. Surrender,lamella tube, or.. Die. This sentence, let the temperature of the whole audience suddenly drop! The murderous look rose into the air and filled the whole banquet hall! All the people present were shocked and their faces were bloodless. In the face of this momentum, no one dares to speak.