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The silver behind the killing was windless and automatic, and each of the soft silks shone with soft brilliance, and the deep purple mixed with milky white light spread like rhythmic ripples on the lake. In a short time, it filled the whole room. Warm and harmonious energy is constantly pouring into the bodies of Ye Yinzhu and Sura, fighting with the Flo people. Ye Yinzhu's internal meridians were also injured by the earthquake. But now in the midst of this vast element of light. It was healing rapidly, and even the dizziness he felt after consuming a lot of mental energy was gradually disappearing. Li Sha slowly raised his right hand, and one after another golden symbols came out of her slender fingers. These symbols seem to be on the same level as the dragon language she sings. A faint golden light hovered in the air. Rotating slowly around the top of the Sula lying on the bed. The light element in the air became more and more rich, so rich that all the magic elements except light were discharged out of the room, and Ye Yinzhu even felt that the rich light element could become liquid at any time. Soft and warm. All kinds of positive effects brought by the light even soothe Ye Yinzhu's inner pain and all negative emotions, in the shining brilliance of the golden symbol. Whether it is killing or Sura, it seems so holy. The incantation in her mouth became more and more urgent, and a layer of silver scales gradually appeared on her skin. From her voice,gold shaking table, Ye Yinzhu faintly felt that she seemed to be struggling. Obviously, the silver dragon princess has used all her strength. Time passes so slowly for Ye Yinzhu. His breathing has even stopped. Will a miracle happen? His heart is perturbed. 。 It will happen. Miracles will happen. He was convincing himself that Ye Yinzhu was confused. He even regretted his recklessness if he had explained to Sulla before leaving Sforte City. He and Gold won't risk a rescue either, but. It's too late to say anything now. Finally. The last string of notes ended in the difficult singing, and in an instant,sodium cyanide price, Ye Yinzhu's eyes had turned into a golden ocean. Outside the house, a huge golden light column with a diameter of more than five meters fell from the sky, and the huge golden light simply ignored the roof of the house and directly enveloped Sura on the bed in the room. The golden symbols were completely integrated into the golden light. Even the holy breath of terror baptizes the body of Sura. Poof! A puff of black smoke came out of Sura. She gave a violent moan, and the expression on her face suddenly became extremely painful. Not good. Her fighting spirit is a dark demon attribute. There was a cry of surprise, but before her cry had disappeared, a white magic robe had enveloped Sura. Ye Yinzhu is anxious. But his heart was not confused. He had already thought of the life of the scene in front of him before he cast the Light Curse. Divine Source Robe filters all elemental attributes, but does not filter magic effects. This is the result of Ye Yinzhu's research these days. Can miracles really be born? Ye Yinzhu is praying But at this time, he suddenly appeared, under the magic robe of the divine source, coltan ore processing ,portable gold wash plant, Sura changed, her originally petite body was expanding, the black on her head turned into dark blue, and the whole person fell into a strange distorted light. The forbidden spell cast by Li Sha is the limit of the single healing magic of the Light Department. It even has the effect of life and death and flesh and bones. It is called the Great Purification. Light Forbidden Curse Great Purification. Effect. Eliminate all anomalies, this. Naturally, it also includes camouflage. Episode 1 Harp Magician Chapter 183 Sura Equals Black Phoenix (Complete) Li Sha consumes a lot of magic power to perform the Great Purification of the Light Forbidden Curse, which is filtered by Ye Yinzhu's Shenyuan Magic Robe. Wield its true purifying effect. But when the cleansing effect appeared, there was a change in Sura. The hazy and distorted halo is unremarkable in the intense golden light of the Great Purification. But. The change of Sura's body is so real. Sitting on the back of the nine-level dragon of the wind system, Cussler's mood had fallen to the freezing point at this time, and the loss of the magician undoubtedly made the morale of the Flor warriors drop to the lowest point. The Florian commander had to reorganize his army. Temporary suspension of the attack on the city of Sforte. Just then, the huge golden light falling from the sky over the city of Sforte attracted the attention of all the people on the battlefield. Cussler is also well-informed. At the sight of the golden light, his exasperated expression suddenly softened a little, and his eyes shone with a cold light. It seems that the death of the jade magic dragon is not in vain, although did not kill the white farmer, but they even tried to get out of the big purification. The guy who was bitten should also be very important, huh, what about the great purification? Can the Great Purification remove the poison of the Jade Magic Dragon? ? Joke 。 What a joke! Come on, give me the order. The whole army repaired for an hour. Ye Yinzhu naturally did not know that Kusler was laughing at his side of the great purification on the battlefield, and with the gradual convergence of the golden light, the twisted light around Sura's body had quietly dissipated. The scene that appeared in front of him made Ye Yinzhu's heart suddenly tighten. Eyes wide open. His body was completely stiff, and only his lips trembled slightly. How so? How did this happen? ? Sura, who had been lying in bed, was gone. Or say. Became a different person. Sulayuan is only more than 1.6 meters tall. At this time, the height of the person on the bed is about 1.75 meters, and the figure is very well-proportioned. The magic robe of Shenyuan is propped up by the round chest. Every part of her body looks so harmonious. Mysteriously dark blue long covered half of the delicate face. Slim eyebrows, perfect facial contour. Every place looks so gorgeous, if not for the half of the forearm exposed outside the magic robe, which became black after poisoning,tin beneficiation plant, Ye Yinzhu could not believe that the person lying on the bed was the same as the previous Sula. It's her. How could it be her? Such a beautiful face. 。 Among all the girls Ye Yinzhu knew, she was the only one who was firmly in the first place. Ye Yinzhu's brain completely fell into a blank. 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