ESA or Service Animal? Which One is Right for Your Needs - 2022 Guide

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Well, first, I suppose, you will want to know what the difference is between a service animal and an ESA. Right?

Well, first, I suppose, you will want to know what the difference is between a service animal and an ESA. Right?

It is important to establish this difference. Really.

So that you can know which one is best for your needs

So, let us get started on that and see if you need a service animal or an emotional support animal letter for yourself!


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What is an ESA?

An ESA is an emotional support animal. It is an animal that is used to provide you with comfort and ease when you are at your worst.

The name literally tells you what the animal does. It provides emotional support. Emphasis on “emotional”.

So, if you have stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness then you can consider keeping an ESA.

What is a service animal?

Now, service animals provide services to their owners.

In most cases, these owners have some sort of disability. I am talking about physical disabilities. Or sensory disabilities.

These animals are actually trained to perform the tasks that their owners can’t accomplish due to their disabilities.

In short, they complete their humans.

What if I need protection?

If you think that you need protection then a service animal is the one you should choose. Why?

Well, service animals are specially trained and any animal can be an ESA if they have esa letter for housing. So, a trained animal is better equipped to protect you than a normal animal.

So, choose a service animal for protection.

What if I just need companionship?

Now, this is where an ESA will come in handy.

If you just need comfort or love from an animal then you should opt for an ESA. Whenever you are feeling down or miserable, an ESA will be there to hold you and comfort you.

You will never feel alone if you have an ESA.


As far as the requirements of these animals are concerned, they tend to differ quite a lot.

Since service animals are trained animals, they require exercise and outdoor activities to keep them in shape.

ESA animals need an emotional support dog letter unless you want to keep a Labrador as an ESA.

In other aspects, they are quite similar. For example, if you have a service dog or an ESA dog, you can use CBD oil for dogs to treat pain and Benadryl for allergies. They may be different types of dogs but they are still the same species, after all.


Ah! The saddest question one can think of. How long do dogs live? Or, how long do cats live? You are probably thinking, how long will my ESA live? Or, how long will my service animal live?

Well, this all depends on the species that you have chosen.

For service animals, most people use dogs that live from 10 to 13 years.

In the case of an ESA, there are too many varieties as any animal can become an ESA.

If you choose an ESA dog then a Labrador can live up to 12 years but a Chihuahua can live up to 20 years.

So, it all depends on you really!

So, have you chosen?

If you have chosen an ESA then you are in luck, my friend. Why? 

Because I know exactly how to help you from this point onwards. What you need now is an esa letter. This is a letter that will be given to you by a certified professional. A medical expert.

They will evaluate your situation and tell you if you need an ESA. Now, how will they do that?

You need to find a legit website that can get you in touch with a legit licensed medical practitioner. Only this practitioner can give you your letter.

So, find yourself a website and then they will do the rest while you relax and wait for the practitioner to contact you. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit esa letter online.

Sounds good? Then get on with it.



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