Offering Ash Trays As Great Promotional Item

Offering Ash Trays As Great Promotional Item


When companies look for an appealing item to give to people, they consider items such as watches and clocks among other valuable items. However, there are certain items that a company may not view as being valuable but are valuable to people who use them daily. One such item is an ashtray, which is an essential item to have when one is a smoker. Even though non smoking campaigns continue discouraging people from smoking, the fact remains that a significant amount if the population continues to smoke.

For this reason, a huge market for products related to smoking exists. Your company cannot afford to ignore this market and this is the reason why it is a good idea to pay attention to them by offering them promotional products such as ashtrays. You can imprint your logos to these items to enhance your business exposure. The ash trays will act as marketing materials to all those who use them and their friends.

They come in numerous shapes, sizes and styles. They come shaped as triangles, squares, playing cards, circles, rectangles, diamonds, slippers, CDs, curved, flat, blocks with holes inside for the ashes, cigars, bottles, cylinders and wheels among many other shapes.

These shapes are able to suite your business themes. They are also made of different materials such as crystal, glass, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, linoleum, leather, wood and aluminum. They come in numerous different colors, which can even match your brand colors to make them stand out.

You can also offer to provide your customers with products that are related to ash trays such as cutters, humidors and cigar minders, which are ideal for cigar smokers. You can also get lighters that have your brand name on them to accompany the ash trays or combine the ash trays with key chains. You can even find two-in-one ash tray/lighter combinations.

Outdoor ashtrays, which are designed to stand freely on the ground, are also available and you can imprint them with your logo. They make excellent promotional gifts even though they are better for placing on the boundaries of your company's building in order to advertise to everyone who passes by.

Apart from keeping ash trays in their houses, smokers also carry them to places that are not friendly to smoking. If you have your logo on an attractive ashtray, you can keep your business information in sight to a significant percentage of the country's population.

When offering ashtrays as promotional items, it is essential to take essential features into account. One is that the ash tray should be deep and large enough to hold all the ash drops that a cigar creates. The ashtray should also be sturdy enough to allow it to absorb accidental shocks.

It is also advisable to avail ash trays that contain three notches. Two notches should have the width of a cigarette and one should have the diameter of a cigar. This will be very convenient for your customers since the ash trays will be useful regardless of whether one is smoking a cigar or cigarette.