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When Ye Qiu suddenly drove the car up the steep slope, she felt her body and mind flying with her. Even,


When Ye Qiu suddenly drove the car up the steep slope, she felt her body and mind flying with her. Even, her brain secretes too many exciting factors, which makes her lose her good judgment. She didn't know that in this short time, she had a good chance to snipe. Because of the particularity of the competition field, she became the only spectator of this high-end competition. And she was really addicted to it, and even did not want to pull the trigger. Maybe we can do it later. Silver Eye even said to himself in his heart. End Point. Ye Qiu understands that when the slope ends, it is his own node. Seeing that there was no way to overtake Lamborghini, Lewis was about to finish the slope ahead again. Ye Qiu's eyes narrowed again and suddenly sprinted down the slope. The beauty on the bus opened her mouth wide. Why is this young man driving so crazily? It's like risking your life with someone. Damn The veins on Lewis's forehead jumped up, his toes touched the brakes, and the moment Lamborghini paused slightly, the Ferrari jumped up and ran in front of him. Whew! Ye Qiu breathed a long sigh. I finally overtook it. I knew you could do it. Sure enough, it worked. Ye Qiu,deep draw stamping, you are so awesome. Tang Guo sat down and shouted excitedly that he was a child who had got a beautiful toy. Ye Qiu knew that this time he was able to counter-surpass because of the elements of cheating. When he drove the car down, the front of the car hit Lewis, who was sitting in the main cab. There are only two choices at this time. First, if you are hit by yourself, the two cars may roll down the cliff together. Two,titanium machining parts, he stepped on the brake and took the lead. Maybe he's not afraid to die. However, he will protect the woman sitting in his car from harm. From the conversation in front of the racing car, Ye Qiu had already seen a problem that Lewis was an infatuated seed. He won the bet. Lewis didn't dare to risk his life with him. After Ye Qiu took the lead, his spirit did not relax for a moment. Without even responding to Tang Guo's excitement and words, he had to face the problems Lewis had just encountered. Environment. Road conditions. In front of the lead, Ye Qiu also immediately felt the pressure doubled. In the back, you just need to go beyond it. No matter what the environment is, no matter what the road conditions are. The car in front can run past, and he can follow it naturally. But now it's different. It's dark ahead. You need to take the initiative to explore. If there is a big stone or something in the middle of the road, die casting parts ,alloy die casting, and you hit it straight, wouldn't the car crash and people die? To make matters worse, Lewis did not give up because of this setback and being overtaken. Instead, he followed closely behind and did the action of overtaking. It remains the same as before. It's just that the two cars have changed their order. Even Ye Qiu began to think about whether it was meaningful for him to overtake just now, and whether it would be better for him to lead the way in front? It's just too risky. This mountain road Ye Qiu has not run, from the foot of the mountain just now the iron pile blockade situation, the car king should also be the first time to run. If there is no way to overtake the mountain road in front of you, won't you lose the game? Although I want to challenge the car king mainly to vent the negative emotions in my heart, but since the battle has begun, who is willing to accept failure? Silver Eyes enjoyed the most exciting car race ever, and even the fact that it happened in front of them was a hundred times more exciting than the special effects in Hollywood movies. From her point of view, the two cars looked like two crazy wild animals biting and chasing. The two men were masters at playing with cars, as if the car had become a part of their bodies. As long as the favorable terrain is found, people will go through one difficult race after another that can be recorded in history. Sometimes the red Lamborghini is in front, and sometimes the red Ferrari is overtaking. In a relatively wide mountainous area, the two cars even changed their parking spaces five times in a row. They're all red-eyed! Ga! Bang! At the same time, the two vehicles reached the extreme point of Deer Road in Fanling. There was no way to go ahead. There were artificially carved stone steps. Picking up the steps, there was a small stone pavilion at the top. People can climb up, but it is impossible for cars to climb up. Extreme speed, to standstill. From hustle and bustle to tranquility. The two extreme feelings made the two men and women in the car speechless for a long time. He just sat there in a dull way, and he hadn't come out of the middle yet. Because Ye Qiu's Ferrari was a sports car, the cold mountain wind whistled in his face and hurt his face, and his ears whined. Tang Guo's ears seemed to have thousands of insects in general, can not hear others speak. His face was cold and numb, and he wanted to ask Ye Qiu if he had won, but he found that he could not touch the corners of his mouth at all. Ye Qiu turned around and held her little face in the palm of her hand. She's gonna kiss me? Tang Guo closed his eyes shyly. Without waiting for the passionate kiss after that, Tang Guo only felt a pain on her face and felt Ye Qiu's two claws rubbing desperately on her face. Your face is numb with cold. It needs to be rubbed to warm up. Ye Qiu explained as he put his hands up and down on Tang Guo's delicate little face. Tang Guo in the heart mercilessly tooth itch, this bastard lamb once again molested the mood of Cai Niang. He had closed his eyes, and he didn't know how to kiss to comfort people. Doesn't he know that this will make girls feel embarrassed? Of course, it is impossible for Tang Guo to say what he thinks. What she cries out is such word however: "Dead lady-killer -- let go of me -- -- hurt.". It hurts. Let go of me. Ye Qiusong opened Tang Guo's little face, which was rubbed red by him like a ripe apple,Steel investment casting, and said, "Now that you can speak, you have returned to normal." Of course I can speak. Do you want to wait for you to rub a layer off your face? I'm not as cheeky as you. Tang Guo said grumpily. She was still angry that Ye Qiu had not seized the opportunity to kiss her just now.