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The three of them chose a place to avoid the cold. A waiter came up and asked a few people what to eat


The three of them chose a place to avoid the cold. A waiter came up and asked a few people what to eat, and handed over the menu; Water such as ice and cold smoke ordered food, but Hua Tianxiang asked for a bottle of wine with a relatively high degree. The waiter brought up the wine. Hua Tianxiang picked up the wine and looked at it. Then he took the glass and poured the wine and drank it. Cold smoke looked at Hua Tiaxiang's handsome drinking appearance and said softly, "You are drinking. You are drinking water." Hua Tianxiang smiled and said, "Drinking is like drinking water. That's very refreshing. Do you know that almost all the heroes in the Water Margin drink like drinking water?" The nose that water is like ice is slightly wrinkly, say: "How to look at you, you also do not resemble the hero hero inside that." Hua Tianxiang turned his head and looked at the water like ice with a smile and asked, "What do you think I look like?" Leng Yan quietly looked at Hua Tianxiang, her heart was very happy, because she did not like the appearance of the past, nothing happened on the straight face to pretend to be deep, he was a person who had to put everything in his heart, I really do not know what kind of things can make him laugh. Shui Rubing took one look at him and said, "You must be up to no good because you are smiling. You are a million miles away from being a hero. However, you are just like those princes or gigolos." When Hua Tianxiang heard this, he felt a little aggrieved. However, he naturally did not haggle with water like ice. He smiled awkwardly and said, "Some of what you said is very correct. Compared with those heroes, I really don't deserve to lift their shoes. However, don't compare me with those princes or gigolos." When he said this, his face was normal and his eyes were a little confused. His mood was very low all of a sudden. As soon as Leng Yan heard this sentence, he knew it was going to be bad. When Shui Rubing heard this sentence, he knew that he had said the wrong thing. She didn't think that Hua Tianxiang would misunderstand her meaning so much. In fact, she said that he looked like a prince, but actually said that he was very handsome! The waiter immediately served the food. Hua Tianxiang was just drinking. Leng Yan and Shui Rubing looked at each other. Shui Rubing said, "Tianxiang,ghana seed extract, are you blaming me for saying something wrong?" Hua Tianxiang turned to Shui Rubing and said, "I'm blaming you!"! You're right. I'm really too arrogant. It's too arrogant to think of myself as a hero. You're right. I'm at the same level as those grandsons and gigolos. Alas! After saying this, he raised his hand and drank a cup. What Hua Tianxiang didn't know was that although he changed his clothes and came out, he was still suspected. When the waiters were talking about the beauty of cold smoke and water like ice, a male waiter was staring at Hua Tianxiang. His hair was held by a white handkerchief, and his image was handsome and handsome. He was simply a scholar in ancient times. The male waiter felt that the young man with long hair seemed very familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before. He began to look for it in a lot of newspapers. After finding it, he took the newspaper in his hand and made a comparison between the image on it and Hua Tianxiang. This comparison was not very tight, but the male waiter screamed, provoking Hua Tianxiang and cold smoke. The three of them turned their heads to look at him. He is not old, by Hua Tianxiang, cold smoke, water such as ice three people to see some embarrassed, he hastened to say: "I'm sorry, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,akba boswellic acid, I'm sorry." Leng Yan put a dish in Hua Tianxiang's bowl and asked, "Tianxiang, how about going to the hospital to see those patients today?" As soon as Hua Tianxiang heard Lengyan's question, he put his wine cup on the table, frowned and thought carefully, and then said: "This should be an infectious skin disease, but this skin disease is quite difficult to treat, because there is no similar case in the existing medicine, there is no way to check, although I can cure it, but the method is too difficult, and the cost is very high." At present, there are countless people infected in Dengfeng City. Look at this restaurant. There are only three of us eating, and there are no guests. This shows that this skin disease has reached the point of panic. No matter what medicine or cream the patients in those hospitals took, there was no curative effect, their skin was still itchy and numb, and many patients with aggravated infections had their skin scratched, even scratched their faces, hands, feet and so on. I haven't found a feasible way yet. Shui Rubing ate a mouthful of food, then put down his chopsticks and asked, "How is that contagious?" Hua Tianxiang thought for a while and said, "At the very beginning, it was said that a young man fell from a cliff in Songshan Mountain into the backyard of a farmhouse, that is, a mountain villa. He fell to his death on the spot. At that time, he was found by a teenager who practiced martial arts in the middle of the night. Later, several waiters of a group of farmhouse were alarmed. They found a bug flying out of the glass bottle on the body of the deceased." They all said that this little bug was very cute! However, the waiters were later infected and began to spread. The next day, it infected more than forty guests of the tour group from all over the world. And for this matter, we have to go to court with our Chinese government! Leng Yan frowned and asked, "Are they still in China now?" Hua Tianxiang nodded and said, "I heard from the city leaders today that these foreigners have reached an agreement with the government. After they are treated safely, each of them will be compensated for 10,000 dollars. They will guarantee that the information will not leak out for the time being.." Shui Rubing asked again, "Did you go to cure them today?" Hua Tianxiang shook his head and said, "No, I went to the First People's Hospital today and saw some patients living in the hospital. To be honest, although they are infected with this disease, they are not worried about their lives, but they suffer from itchy skin. The taste of itching is like scraping with a knife. Many patients are scratching with a knife in their hands, and the skin is scraped with blood phosphorus." Very miserable! As soon as Shuiru's face changed, he stared at Hua Tianxiang and said,saw palmetto extract, "Please, don't talk about it when you eat, OK?"! I can't eat if you keep talking. prius-biotech.com