Emperor tyrant

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Li Qiye's words also let the old man breathe a sigh of relief, at least Li Qiye came to Yunni College, not a bad idea

Li Qiye's words also let the old man breathe a sigh of relief, at least Li Qiye came to Yunni College, not a bad idea, otherwise, it would give him a headache. It is said that the young master is going to refine weapons in Yunni College. The old man was also very good. He said with concern, "I don't know what I need to do for my disciples." Li Qiye couldn't help laughing and said, "When you say that, I really need something.". Refining weapons, this is a lasting thing, for the time being, do not need anything, but later need a few things. "What things does the young master need?" The old man said hurriedly, "As long as our Yunni College can do it, we will do our best." A piece of Taoist bone, a complete Taoist bone, at least a top-grade God. Such a divine Taoist bone must also be of perfect quality, which is better than the divine product. Li Qiye said casually. "Li Qiye said so casually, which made the old man cry out, and he was stunned for a moment.". For Yunni College, Tianjie top-grade Daojun, or can have, or can take out some, even if Tianjie top-grade king Daojun, also can barely get together. As for the top grade of the emperor's Taoist bone, if the complete Taoist bone,best green coffee bean extract, it is really difficult for Yunni College. As for the God of the top grade of heaven, that is, the God in everyone's mouth, this is not only as simple as that for Yunni College. At least, there is no such bone in Yunni College, and there is no such thing in stock. In fact, even if the cloud mud college can take out such wealth to buy this kind of bone, but, looking at the south west emperor, I am afraid that no one has such a bone,jujube seed powder, such a thing, but there is no market, simply can not buy. Even if someone really has such a bone, I'm afraid it won't be sold. As for the Taoist bone above the divine product, the old man did not think about it, not to mention their Yunni College, looking at the whole eight wastelands, there is no inheritance that can be taken out. Is there such a thing. Even if there is, it is only in the hands of the supreme giant, other people, simply do not want to get such a thing. This, this, is really difficult. The old man couldn't help laughing. He didn't think that what Li Qiye wanted as soon as he opened his mouth was so earth-shaking. He had said too much just now. For Yunni College, there is no way to find the divine Taoist bone, let alone the above divine Taoist bone. Moreover, he has grown so big and is famous all over the world. He has seen countless treasures, but he has never seen the Taoist bones above the legendary gods. This is indeed rare. Li Qiye smiled faintly and said, phycocyanin spirulina ,stesweet stevia, "Then I'll find some true blood first." The old man came to his senses and said, "What kind of true blood do you want, young master?" "Well," Li Qiye touched his chin and said, "True blood. At least it's true blood like Dao Jun. At least it's true blood like Dao Jun. Of course, the true blood of the ancient emperor can also be used. With a jar of true blood, barely. "Er-" the old man is completely speechless, he is all of a sudden speechless, Li Qiye such a request, this completely let him have no way to answer. Whether it is the true blood of Daojun or the true blood of the ancient emperor, it is precious to the most precious thing, such a thing, in the eyes of many great religious countries, it is simply a priceless treasure, can be blessed from generation to generation. Now as soon as Li Qiye opens his mouth, he wants the true blood of Daojun, or the true blood of the ancient emperor, but also to start with a jar. His tone is still very reluctant. What does it mean to have a jar of the true blood of Daojun or the true blood of the ancient emperor? Even the ancient emperors or Taoist kings could not leave their own jars of true blood under normal circumstances. For any monk, his true blood is more precious than blood, which is millions of times. A jar of Taoist true blood, that is simply to take Taoist to bleed, such a thing, Taoist or the ancient emperor, they will not accept. They are invincible existence, who dares to put them a jar of true blood? Such a request, that is to make Daojun, the ancient emperor great anger. "This, this, I really can't do it." Finally, the old man could not help but say with a wry smile that he felt that he had overreached himself and should not ask Li Qiye what he wanted. It can be said that what Li Qiye wants is what he can't afford, and what Yunni College can't afford. The old man's words made Li Qiye laugh and said leisurely, "In that case, if I want some divine iron and immortal gold, I'm afraid your Yunni College can't afford it." "This-" the old man could not help but hesitate for a moment, at this time, the old man did not dare to answer easily, because what Li Qiye wanted was really too scary. Finally, the old man had no choice but to say, "Shen Tie Xian Jin, we still have some stocks in Yunni College. I don't know what kind of things the young master wants. I'll make a list and let the young master have a look to see if there are any things the young master needs." Now, the old man is also clever, dare not say full words, in case the words are full, and he can not take out, this will lose face. I won't embarrass you. Li Qiye smiled and said, "I can look for it myself, lest you murmur in your heart that I blackmail your Yunni College." "I dare not, I dare not. I don't mean that. I absolutely don't mean that." The old man broke out in a cold sweat and said with a dry smile. I'll see for myself. Li Qiye smiled and said, "Nanxihuang is so big that he should have some stock." "That, too, the young master has a point." The old man hesitated for a moment. Finally, he said, "As far as the Taoist bone is concerned, the best piece of Taoist bone I know, at least known to outsiders, should be a piece of Taoist from Tianlong Temple." At this point,turmeric extract powder, the old man paused for a moment and said slowly, "There is a complete bone of the emperor in Tianlong Temple, but it is not shown to others." 。 prius-biotech.com