Harmless Spellmaster

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Please feel free to subscribe, one hour later it will be modified to support the latest chapter. The attack of my defense team did not cause much damage to the ghost, the siege in a big way, but still just go to the ghost of the warehouse and mining resources such as the four seas wantonly looted, see they began to retreat back to defense, so bluff attack for a while, then immediately with a full of booty withdrawal back, this makes the ghost The 18 generations of the ancestors of God's beloved, together with the 18 generations of the ancestors of the monkey who evolved into their family's first ancestor, have not left behind greetings. The battle to hunt down the wanted criminals in the system ended with a great failure of the ghost students, who seemed to have little to do with the incident. However, he became the biggest winner, which greatly changed Xiao Nuan's impression of him. This guy was not just a playboy. As a descendant of capitalists, he really inherited the most basic characteristics of businessmen, that is, one word-rape! God's favorite cried, "Why can't you make a good impression on me?"? My fans will protest! Zygote: "You don't have any fans. Go to the book review section. Most of the people who shoot bricks are shooting you!" Beloved of God: "…" This is a restaurant that has just opened in the Imperial City but is doing a brisk business. Everywhere is filled with a happy atmosphere. All the beauties,ghana seed extract, onions, and small circles of the Beauty and the Beast Mercenary Regiment, the leader of the Chinese War Soul Gang, the Chinese Hero, and the vice leader of the Chinese War God. The boss of the World Thunder Gang, Ba Lei,turmeric extract powder, and the darling of God of our defense team have gathered together. The heads of many of them are red-people who don't know think that some game criminal gang is drinking in this small restaurant, but these careless celebrities don't care about this at all. The sound of bragging, laughing and persuading people to drink echoes in the night sky of the city. It's a very happy thing to get rid of the wanted list for a long time! Even the whale, who has always been silent, can read a trace of relief from her cold and beautiful eyes. However, if you look carefully, you can clearly see that the whale MM's eyes always seem to glance in the direction of someone inadvertently. Once the two eyes meet carelessly, he smiles mischievously. But she subconsciously turned her head to one side, looking like an unworldly little girl. "To say that the greatest hero this time is you, brother pet!"! Otherwise, the ghost would not have withdrawn so quickly! That guy saw that his lair had been taken away, and he didn't know how angry he would be! Ha ha ha ha! Balei, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, already half drunk, staggered up to God's favorite and put his arms around his shoulders, patting him hard and laughing, "Where the younger brother didn't make much effort to eat a small warm banquet in vain!" As he spoke, he secretly glanced at Xiao Nuan, who winked and winked, and his eyes flashed a narrow light. When he heard the seemingly modest and orthodox words of God's beloved, Xiao Nuan's first thought was to beat him severely. Don't listen to this guy's words of "no credit" and "I don't deserve it". In fact, what he said was all irony. His real intention was nothing more than to let himself say thank you to him. Before going in to sign up, Xiaoshuai had already told her everything. This guy was still holding a grudge. At that time, she was in a hurry to sign up and didn't say thank you to him. Can a man really be so stingy? Xiao Nuan gave him a merciless white look, and then put on a very ladylike smile. He picked up his glass and stepped forward to salute the gang leaders, saying, "The gang leaders have helped each other in a righteous way. The little girl has nothing to repay. A glass of thin wine is a slight expression of gratitude." With that, he raised his glass and saluted God's beloved one by one, but he changed his face and stroked the broken hair in front of his forehead with a jade hand. He said to him with a smile, "This cup belongs to the Abandoned Children Sect Leader and his brothers. Thank them for their chivalrous heart of drawing a sword to help each other in the face of injustice." With that, all the beauties did it. It would be too ungraceful for him to shirk it again. God's favorite son was stunned and had to drink the wine in his own cup. When he drank it, he smiled warmly. An NPC waiter was recruited to fill a glass for each of them. Careful people may have seen that when the waiter poured the wine, he did not pour the same kind of wine for both of them. God's favorite was a white bottle, which contained the best bamboo leaf green brewed for 60 years; And the small warm is a pink bottle, which is filled with a kind of beauty and beauty drink, called rose dew, the effect of drinking, not much different from sugar water! The girl held up her glass of wine and then said, "This cup of thanks for saving our little fish." Then, without waiting for God's favorite to answer, she killed it again. Then, with a sly smile on her face, she looked at the man opposite. God's favorite was not a good drinker. Her nickname was "a cup of wine". This was the exclusive information she got from the small circle of soft grinding and hard bubbles last night. This guy who values sex more than friends and forgets righteousness at the sight of sex and has the opposite sex and no humanity actually betrays him. Looking at the girl's malicious smile, the darling of God, what he is going to face, can not help but look at the other side full of sorrow T] chat dare not look directly at his small circle of this guy, this time also do not come to help themselves escape the wine!? "Pet brother, you are not right!"! You can't blame the wine for the fact that the head of Nuan has done it with a girl. The Chinese heroes and the Chinese God of War put on an expression of "sitting and watching the play", laughing and heckling that they were all the guys who added insult to injury. Helplessly, God's favorite son trembled and forced the wine into his stomach, and his eyes were even more tragic than those in the TV series who were given poisonous wine and had no choice but to drink the crane top red! The corners of Xiao Nuan's mouth rippled with a bad smile of conspiracy success,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and under the frightened gaze of God's beloved, he motioned to the waiter to fill the wine again with "the clever plan of this cup of respect for the Lord's registration point in the arena".. "This cup respects the heroism of the Sect Leader".. "Wow, Master Chong is such a good drinker that he doesn't blush after doing so much!"! This is a toast to your good capacity for liquor! …… …… prius-biotech.com