A bride from the underworld

There was a flicker of hesitation in the abbot's eyes, and then his eyes froze as if he had made a decision.


There was a flicker of hesitation in the abbot's eyes, and then his eyes froze as if he had made a decision. Then he opened his mouth and said, "Miss Zhang's name is Tsing Yi. In fact, she is also one of our Buddhists and one of the few female Buddhas." Zhang Qingyi? Female Buddha? No wonder her ghost maidservant is a nun, so she is a nun head! But in the reincarnation, I did not see her, nor did I have any memory of her. I suddenly felt uncomfortable. When did I provoke a nun in my previous life? The key is that Zhang Qingyi looks like a little girl of sixteen or seventeen years old. It's obviously not my dish. Miss Tsing Yi's Buddhist name is Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Buddha. Long before she became a Buddha, she had a marriage contract with the benefactor Qiao Jue. Unfortunately, the benefactor Qiao Jue did not have Miss Tsing Yi in his heart, so he broke the marriage contract. The abbot went on. Wait! I was confused. Since I was a monk, why did I still call her Miss and her name? It was also very awkward for me. I had heard of the Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara, and there was a Thousand-Handed and Thousand-Eyed Buddha. The engagement was even more outrageous. How could I not know about the engagement! "Don't worry, benefactor Qiao Jue. Listen to me slowly." The abbot was asked a series of questions by me for a while, and immediately said. I smiled unconsciously. "Well, you go on." " Then the abbot wiped the sweat from his forehead and continued, "Miss Tsing Yi's identity is too special. She is also the only person in Buddhism who has become a Buddha without earthly affinity. However, Miss Tsing Yi has always been thinking about the benefactor Qiao Jue. She wants to be your wife for a lifetime. So in several reincarnations, she has been waiting for the benefactor Qiao Jue." At this point, the abbot paused for a moment and looked at me with an embarrassed look. Then he opened his mouth and said,tannic acid astringent, "It's a pity that the benefactor Qiao Jue is still unwilling to accept her in his heart. He also cruelly erased all his memories about her. He doesn't want to have anything to do with her anymore. That's why you don't know her at all now." I frowned, no wonder I had no impression of her, but what happened to make my previous life cruel to do such a thing? You know, my previous life should be regarded as a kind of love, otherwise there will not be Tianshuang Xiaoxia and Xiaoyu, their three women, since Zhang Qingyi is so infatuated,lycopene for skin, my previous life has no reason not to be tempted. Thinking of this, I added, "To be more specific, what was Zhang Qingyi's identity before she became a Buddha? Why did I have an engagement with her in my previous life? What happened between them?" The abbot looked embarrassed and said, "I'm not qualified to know her identity. I don't know the details of the engagement. Only you know what happened between you and Miss Tsing Yi. I just know that after you erased your memory, Miss Tsing Yi gave up completely. Soon after, she became a self-proclaimed Taoist and committed suicide. And she also sealed her soul." Never enter reincarnation. I frowned and said, "Now that she has made her own choice, why do you now use that cruel means to kill so many people and revive her?" The abbot said, "I was ordered to do it, too. That kind of cruel means is not the method of our Buddhism. He forced me to do it." He? My heart tightened and I asked, "Who is he that can command you Buddhists?" "Zhang Qian," said the abbot with trepidation. Chapter 284 Relationship Zhang Qian! When the abbot said the name in his mouth, pumpkin seed extract ,lutein eye complex, I was immediately surprised that it was Zhang Qian who ordered it behind his back? Zhang Qian hasn't shown up for a long time. Did he come out again! I immediately asked, "When did Zhang Qian find you?" The abbot was stupefied and said, "About half a year ago, after he came, he asked us to find people who could refine human oil first. But we were Buddhists after all, and that kind of method was too cruel. So Zhang Qian just asked us to refine human brain pills, and the human oil was given to the ghost maidservant of Miss Tsing Yi." Six months ago? At that time, I was still in the West City, and I had just entered the Ghost Road, but Zhang Qian was strictly speaking a person of the right gate. How could he be qualified to order Buddhists to do things, and the abbot was obedient to him. When the abbot heard my question, he hesitated again. After a moment, he replied, "Because Miss Tsing Yi is also a person with a positive mind, I can't refuse." Is she a positive person, too? I recognized the meaning of the Abbot's words, and the Buddhists really joined hands with the positive valve! Just then, I suddenly thought, Zhang Qian? Zhang Qingyi, as well as Zhang Bairen, the real leader of Zhengfeng who was told to me by King Guang of Qin. They are all surnamed Zhang, and there should be some kind of relationship between them. Thinking of this, I asked the abbot, who replied, "Miss Tsing Yi and Zhang Qian are brother and sister." Brother and sister! Rao is some preparation in my heart, get the abbot's affirmative answer, I still can't help but feel a shock in my heart. Almsgiver Qiao Jue, I have told you everything I know without reservation. I know that I have committed murder, so I don't expect to live. I just hope that Mr. Qiao Jue can let my disciples go. They don't know. Seeing me in a daze, the abbot said again. I came to my senses and turned my eyes to the abbot. This guy is self-aware. He's right. Even if he told me this, it wouldn't offset all his sins. I didn't intend to let him go at all. Amitabha.. The abbot's voice fell, and he sat cross-legged on the ground. Hands together, after saying a sentence, then said: "Qiao Jue benefactor, the poor monk this is self-termination, before this, I have a piece of advice." Seeing the abbot's generous death, I felt that I was a bad person. However, I could not be soft-hearted at this time, so I opened my mouth and said, "You say it." The abbot looked at me and said, "I advise the benefactor to agree to Miss Tsing Yi's request. Otherwise, she will fall into the evil way and will certainly do something painful to the benefactor." After saying this and reciting Amitabha,pumpkin seed extract, the abbot closed his eyes. Then, I found that the vitality of the abbot quickly disappeared, along with his soul. prius-biotech.com