Heard Im a wife-gnawing clan [wear quickly]

"Lao Zhou, find a way to save Xincheng!" When Mrs. Zhou learned that her youngest son had been taken away


"Lao Zhou, find a way to save Xincheng!" When Mrs. Zhou learned that her youngest son had been taken away, she rushed back to seek her husband's help. She called the police, found someone she knew, and made a connection to find a scapegoat to replace her son. Her son made mistakes in the past, and she used this trick to solve the problem perfectly. I don't know why, but this time she called, and the people over there heard her voice and hung up immediately. Somebody help me. He was killed by the mother and son. Governor Zhou was completely disappointed with his wife and children and wanted to draw a clear line with them. Chapter 512 after being released from prison. "Mr. Chu." Li Ping went to the hospital to visit Chu Chen, Chu Chen in order to reverse the verdict to create too many coincidences, has turned Yancheng upside down. Since Chu Chen was released from prison, he encountered all kinds of troubles, which seemed to have nothing to do with each other, all of which prompted Chu Chen to expose himself to the eyes of the masses and prepare for his reversal of the verdict. Director Li. Chu Chen got up and sat down. These people had seen enough excitement before they started. It was the negligence of our comrades that caused Mr. Chu to encounter a series of crises. I am very sorry. Li Ping apologized on behalf of the government, and he knew that an apology was not enough to erase the harm to Chu Chen. It's not easy to get justice and prove innocence. Chu Chen said with a wry smile, "I was almost beaten to death by random sticks." "Zhou Xincheng and all the people involved in the case were arrested, and justice will be done to Mr. Chu." Li Ping and Chu Chen said a few words and left in a hurry. He hasn't slept much these days. The water in Yancheng is too deep. You don't find anything when you first check, and when you get a clue,plastic packaging tube, you follow the clues that can be ignored, and the results will surprise you. The connections of all the officials in Yancheng are intertwined. They are like a peanut plant. As long as you master the method, you can pull out a peanut. The breakthrough was Governor Zhou, whose son had committed a lot of crimes and was wiped out by Mrs. Zhou with power and money. Mrs. Zhou wanted to find a relationship to save her son, but instead of saving her son, she went in. Mrs. Zhou's crime is not small,pump tube, and a large amount of income of unknown origin was found under her name. "Still don't tell me honestly, who was seriously injured in that year?"? Chu Chen can't hold a heavy object at all. Don't try to push everything to him. Yan Lei scolded that since Yancheng was taken over by the investigation team, he had arrested people and tried cases every day. He slept three hours a day at the police station. He had been working for eight consecutive days. We were so drunk, we couldn't remember who hit White Colo. Yan Lin pretended to try to recall, but could not remember anything. Yan Lei threw out the interrogation record of eight years ago. He pointed to a page of paper. "Open your eyes. You said you were not drunk. You clearly saw Chu Chen seriously injured people.". Now you say you're drunk, and you're lying to me! Yan Lin did not remember what he had said eight years ago. He looked carefully at the interrogation records. It turned out that he had said these words. At that time, the light was dark, and I didn't see who hit it. Anyway, he did not hit, hit is not Wang Ke, is Chu Chen, since Chu Chen was photographed out, tube lip gloss ,plastic laminted tube, that is Wang Ke seriously injured. Playing tricks with him, do you really think they can't be convicted without saying? Look down on the police. Think about who hit White Colo. We're not in a hurry. Yan Lei has to deal with other things, so he has no time to talk nonsense with Yan Lin. Yan Lin lowered his head and grabbed the palm of his hand. He and Wang Ke agreed that they would not betray each other. They did not remember who had wounded Bai Keluo eight years ago, and the case would be over. Lao Yan, how is it over there? The herding team made a cup of coffee for themselves, and they were too tired. Without saying anything, the meaning of Yanlin's words is that Wang Ke hurts people. Yan Lei was convinced by human scum and framed people to die without repentance. What is not human scum! "It's the same on my side." The herding team sat down on the table, and he came up with an idea that he had to cooperate with his good brothers. "The two of them should make a good confession. Let's do this, hang them out for two days, and then say that they have confessed to each other's injuries." "Yes, that's a good idea." Yan Lei grabbed the coffee cup of the herding team and drank the coffee in two mouthfuls. I'm going to do something. The herding team snorted, and he took several of his men to investigate the case. The police force is not enough, and they don't know how to deploy some police force to them. Zhou Xincheng refused to answer the question. He waited for his mother to hire a lawyer for him. He would not speak until the lawyer came. Zhou Xincheng, did you gather more than three hundred people to kill people with iron bars? Li Ping personally interrogated how arrogant Zhou Gongzi, who had been in the limelight for seven days, was. He only asked Hongmao to gather twenty or thirty people to teach Chu Chen a lesson. How could there be more than three hundred people. The old man tried to get him to say something, but Zhou Xincheng refused to answer the question. I have evidence of your injuries in the past few years. Do you want to see it? Li Ping handed him a stack of documents, which clearly recorded Zhou Xincheng's evil deeds. The previous things were settled by his mother with money, and Zhou Xincheng did not admit that he had done these things. Li Ping crossed his hands and said calmly, "I forgot to tell you two bad news. Your mother is also staying at the police station and is being investigated by us.". Governor Zhou rested at home and was not allowed to leave home. What are you waiting for? Even if you don't say it, the evidence alone will punish you. The old man wants to fool him to speak, no way, father is the governor, who dares to arrest him, unless he does not want to mix in the officialdom. Zhou Xincheng was thirsty for a while, hungry for a while, and had to go to the toilet for a while. "All right, stay by yourself. The court will be in session in five days." Li Ping got up to investigate other things. His mother did not come to see him or to bail him out. Zhou Xincheng has no idea. Did something happen to his parents? No, my father is the boss of Yancheng. Who dares to embarrass him. When he goes out, he must let these people know that he is not to be trifled with. More than three hundred people waiting for Zhou Ge to save them out, they were caught in order to avenge Zhou Ge, Zhou Ge can not abandon them. The police interrogated them, they bluntly said to help Zhou Ge beat Chu Chen, Zhou Ge see Chu Chen uncomfortable, teach him a lesson. The person did not die again, just got a bit minor injury, which man is not injured, as to catch us us? I don't know whether to describe them with ignorance or ignorance. This is no longer a small fight, but has risen to violence. Five days later,eye cream packaging tube, you will defend yourselves in court. The parents of these children found their children missing three days later, and when they called the police, they found their children at the police station. emptycosmetictubes.com