Then you can access things like honing and gems

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I think you missed out on what the initial game was about Lost Ark, and why things are kept back. I switched from New World to Lost Ark. In New World was able to Lost Ark Gold max out in just a few days. there were not many systems, and the game was pretty basic. It was easy to learn but also had a decently high level of skill.

When I played the first week in Lost Ark (from pre-order release) I would have conversations to my New World friends, some who were also playing and others who weren't in the moment. It was really interesting to see how they taught you slowly each system without overwhelming you initially. You gained access to key systems in steps.

The first dungeon was basic, extremely short, take the boss to defeat it. There weren't any mechanics, or anything other than a beat him up. But each area's dungeon after that one slowly ramped up in difficulty and added mechanics/complexity. It was something like using a mirror to redirect light and stagger checks, destruction and more. They also made every dungeon a bit longer, leading you to the very first Abyssal Dungeons.

The skills were also unlocked as you progressed. However, you did not gain access to all of them at the beginning. Thus, you were required to use the first 8. and then use them on mobs and the odd boss. After that, you'd be able to access another version that you could swap out something you didn't like and try out. It allowed you to explore all abilities rather than copying/pasting a YouTuber's checklist of "best" techniques for the class.

Then you can access things like honing and gems, then tripods, upgrades to tripods etc. The reason you should go from the beginning of level 1 to Buy Lost Ark Gold tier 3 is to give the player access to new mechanicsand layers of personalization, however in a way that you get the chance to master each system independently.