Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Attention Grabbing by Following These Tips

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We have all been through presentations that cured our insomnia and got us sleeping like a baby. The speaker just drones away with a dead voice and zero visuals in their presentation. If you’re aiming at grabbing your audience’s attention, but there is no enthusiasm in your voice, then

According to a study, the average human attention span is now even lower than that of a goldfish. The average span has reduced from 12 seconds in the 2000s to 8 seconds in 2021, whereas a goldfish has 9 seconds. Now imagine keeping your audience (who has a lower attention span average than a goldfish) awake and interested during your presentation. Difficult task, isn’t it? If thinking about the struggle of making an attention-grabbing presentation is making you anxious, always contact a good paper writing service to make your life easy.


The human brain works fast; if the audience finds the information being conveyed in the presentation as unimportant, the brain will feel interested and lose attention. You need to be enthusiastic about your topic - your body language, voice, expressions must show that you are excited to present the subject. When I write my essay for me to later convert it into a presentation, the foremost thing I consider is a surprise. Yup! I always think of surprising my audience with something, and this is the first tip to making an attention-grabbing presentation.


Surprise your audience, do something that stands out. Bring physical objects to the stage such as toys, miniatures, legos, tables and chairs, anything that conveys your message in any form other than the screen. Start by asking a question from the audience about themselves, break this barrier between you and the audience. You can also surprise them by catching them off-guard and contradicting their views or beliefs.


 Tip number two is to use the best ice-breaking tool humankind has known, “a joke.” If you’re a person with good humor and you think cracking appropriate jokes at the right time is your social skill, then use it! Reference your joke to your topic and avoid using humor if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Because nothing is worse than a joke which is only funny to you. Another great way to engage the audience with a joke is to make yourself the center of the joke, put up some self-deprecating jokes.


If your presentation is about a conversational topic, then allow the audience’s opinion. Let them join into your personation, get discussions, and make sure it is not consuming too much of your time. If you feel that the discussion is getting out of hand, always remember it is “Your” presentation. Just like an essay writer, whose essay always revolves around their argument, you are the center for your presentation. All you have to do is approach a writing service and ask them “I need someone to write my essay?”, they will get back to you in time and provide you with an amazing paper.


This is the year 2021, and your audience is probably going to be filled with millennials and z-generation. Keeping that in mind, another great way to make your PowerPoint presentation attention-grabbing is by asking your audience to go on social media. Ask your audience to spread the word, you can also put an award for the best post or anything of the sort. Making your audience play around with their phone and directly connect with your presentation will engage them and leave a lasting effect even after the presentation.


Another tip for making attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentations is to make animated slides. There are tons of YouTube videos available that you could use to help you add a small animation to your slide, which will make it look a lot more interesting. Plus, using all CAPITAL letters emphasizes your text and allows the reader to stay focused on the presentation.


Have you ever been to a magic show? If you haven’t in reality, you must have seen it in movies; the magician always calls someone from the audience up on the stage. Well, presentations are not so different either. You can call someone up to the stage - it can be a pre-arranged testimonial, but you can also choose someone randomly from the audience. This will keep your audience attentive and engaged.


The next tip is for the slides, and you already know that “Don’t make them boring!” is the top priority. Keep them simple but colorful, and always remember ‘less is more’. Don’t put too many words on slides; just put a few bullet points so that it gives you a reason to talk while the audience is engaged with the slides. Put transitions or short videos and gifs in between slides to prevent the audience from the sleeping.


The biggest mistake presenters usually make is reading their slides, and they tend to forget the focus of their presentation, which is “them”. Don’t read out slides; nobody wants chunks of paragraphs on a slide. Why would the audience listen to you when they can simply read the slides? Thus, you need to remember that you are the spotlight of the presentation, and everyone is there to listen to “you”. Instead of using lengthy sentences, use graphics, images, illustrations to convey your messages. You can add notes for you to remember in the speaker notes section but keep the content on slides minimal yet engaging.


The last tip is to explore the PowerPoint software. There are hundreds of templates to choose from for all kinds of subjects. Everyone always starts with a blank slide and then edits it to their needs, but Microsoft PowerPoint has options designed for you in default. For example, if you type “business” in the template search bar, PowerPoint will give you hundreds of pre-designed business templates with transitions, charts, graphs, illustrations, and what not!



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