Is the ceramic filter plate used correctly?

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Is the ceramic filter plate used correctly? Is the ceramic filter plate used correctly?

1. Correct selection of porous ceramic filter

The selection of the porous ceramic filter size and the number of holes must take into account factors such as the flow rate range of the specific casting type, the maximum metal level during filtration, the total filtration volume, and the cleanliness of the original aluminum liquid.

2. The pretreatment of the melt filtration can not be ignored

Such as normal slag removal and furnace cleaning of aluminum melting furnace and holding furnace; furnace refining, etc. In particular, the online degassing device is still necessary, because it can not only reduce the hydrogen content of the melt but also remove some non-metallic inclusions.

3. The porous ceramic filter must be adapted to the square refractory brick

The adaptation of the two facilitates sealing, which not only prevents metal from flowing into the casting box from the gap without being a porous ceramic filter but also prevents the foam filter plate from being too light and floating in aluminum water to fail.

4. Warm up before use

Pre-heating to remove water and facilitate initial filtration. Preheating can be implemented using electric or gas heating. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 15 minutes.

5. In the normal filtration process, there is no need to carry out slagging to avoid knocking and vibration of the porous ceramic filter. At the same time, the launder should be filled with aluminum water to avoid the worry of too much aluminum water.

6. After casting, put the metal in the launder and filter plate. There is a vibrator abroad, which is placed on the porous ceramic filter and vibrates for one minute. It can shake off about 75% of the remaining liquid metal from the filter plate.

7. Finally clean up for four weeks, and remove the porous ceramic filter after solidification.