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For a API pipe production line, you may need a series of machine to consist and work together. The first necessary one is metal spraying machine.


The Metal Spraying is a very critical operation in the manufacture processes of metallized film capacitor. Since the metal particles are produced by wire melted and high velocity to coat in the end faces, it makes contact with the capacitor winding primarily by partial penetration of the pockets in the end faces formed by staggering the films. Factors which affect the degree of penetration are mainly the velocity of the metal spray particles and their size. So the following important factors are influential capacitors quality: The temperature of metal spray particles, the size of metal spray particles, the velocity of metal spray particles, the average of metal spray particles


Incorrectly selected pipe spray painting machine can cause severe damage to end faces of the windings and produce unacceptably high power factor capacitors. The steel pipe spraying coating machine or called steel pipe painting production line is designed through our comprehensive research and accumulated ten-year of experience; as the requirements of regarding above specially performance of metal spraying in metallized film capacitor.


Another indispensible equipment is steel pipe printing marking machine. Companies that produce metal pipes, regardless of whether they are involved in construction, aerospace, electronics, etc., code these materials to enable traceability, display important production data, and prevent counterfeiting. These codes generally take the form of numeric lot numbers or machine-scannable bar codes.


Important Considerations for Metal Pipe Marking and Coding

Printing codes with a automatic marking machine in a consistently legible manner—in often challenging environments—requires you to consider certain key factors. Chief amongst these considerations are that:


Metal is non-porous: Unlike other substrates like wood, cardboard, and paper, metal does not absorb the ink applied to its surface. Accordingly, solvent-based inks are needed for this application, as they dry quicker than water-based inks—producing a sharp image on non-porous substrates.


The environment matters: The continuous production lines that create metal pipes are often in harsh environments. Higher temperatures, humidity levels, dust, and tool vibrations can all affect the success of the printing process. Facilities where these environmental factors are present need to find printers and inks that can accommodate them.


You need to understand your production line needs: To uncover the printer and ink that is right for your operation, you need to understand your steel pipe weighing lengthing marking machine's required printing speed, print resolution, mobility needs, print size, and the sizes of the pipes to be marked.


Understanding all of these properties will help determine which printer type and model is best suited for you.


Besides what mentioned above, there are also some machines needed such as steel pipe rust removing machine, OCTG pipe color ring banding machine, OCTG pipe coupling machine, etc.