Sometimes it's frustrating since it leads to false expectations

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The artist had worked with PlayStation's Uncharted series and, for some reason, the fans to make a connection. However, Kozlowsky and D2R Ladder Items Retro Studios were involved in the development of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which was released in late 2015. When the game was officially unveiled in the first place, a lot of Zelda fans trashed it because they were expecting something different. In a new interview on The Kiwi Talkz podcast, Kozlowsky admitted that the rumor was a source of anger for the team working on the game.

"Sometimes it's frustrating since it leads to false expectations. This was the case when we first announced Tropical Freeze. It was looking at the news and thinking, 'they're making something like a Zelda game, they're working on one Zelda game,' but like nope. And then we announced Tropical Freeze and it looks stunning and beautiful and then people say "oh, it's another Donkey Kong.'

Then you realize that people are s**ting on it on Neogaf , or whatnot, and you're like , 'oh my okay, well, everyone was thinking we were playing something similar to a Zelda game. Then it's like there's no way that's what we do.' This is a little both and sometimes we get a laugh out of it, sometimes it gets aggravating when it continues for a time," said Kozlowsky.

Kozlowsky's comments are an interesting look at how rumors are propagated and the ways in which it could affect the way a game is received. Although Tropical Freeze might not have been the game many people were hoping to be able to play but it did receive a lot of critical review upon its debut. It's not easy to invest a lot of effort into something, only to have the internet react with dismay due to false rumors. It's hard to predict how fans will react when a team announces a game, but it's a good thing that the situation has gave some fans a better understanding of keeping their expectations in check!

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